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Flexible, Multi-Cloud Management

VMware Aria Universal Suite (vRealize Cloud Universal), led by the new VMware Aria Platform, supports your business transition to cloud with a consistent hybrid and multi-cloud management experience. You get the flexibility to deploy as SaaS or on-premises and the freedom to move between the two as needed. Plus, multiple licensing and delivery models enable you to move at your own pace, helping your organization become more agile, scalable, and efficient.


Deploy your cloud management as SaaS or on-premises in one license, interchangeably as business needs evolve and move workloads between clouds without repurchasing.

Operational Continuity

Ensure operational optimization and continuity across the business, even as cloud migration is underway, with management that spans your environments.


Govern your complex environments nimbly and productively while adopting multi-cloud at your own pace and get faster and more reliable access to innovation.

Cost Savings

Free up IT budget that can be reallocated elsewhere with the choice between SaaS and on-premises management with a single license.

VMware Aria Universal Suite Capabilities

Single Platform

A transformational multi-cloud management solution unifying delivery, performance, cost, and security operations in a single platform with a common control plane and data model.


Modernize infrastructure automation with self-service consumption and delivery leveraging DevOps principles like Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and open source innovations.


Run production operations hands-off and hassle free with this self-driving tool.

Log Analytics

Gain visibility across public and private clouds with robust analytics and more.

Network Operations

Broad end-to-end network visibility for application discovery, monitoring, and troubleshooting across multi-cloud.

VMware Skyline

Avoid problems before they occur and reduce time spent on resolving active support requests with proactive intelligence.

Cost Optimization

Gain visibility into your multi- and hybrid cloud costs, optimize your infrastructure to avoid wasted spending, and stay on budget without sacrificing development speed or application performance.

Security and Compliance

Improve risk visibility & remediate misconfigurations with an intelligent, faster, and scalable cloud native security and compliance approach.

Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Transformation

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Compare Editions

VMware vRealize Cloud Universal is a SaaS management suite offering flexible options to deploy cloud management on-premises and as SaaS in a single license. This offering can be purchased on-demand as a 1-year to a 5-year subscription. Learn more about where services are hosted globally in our vRealize Cloud Management Services map.


Hybrid cloud infrastructure operations.


Self-driving operations for:

  • Performance optimization
  • Capacity and cost management
  • Proactive planning
  • Intelligent remediation


Hybrid cloud infrastructure automation and operations.


All the capabilities of Standard, plus:

  • Self-service infrastructure automation across VM and container-based Kubernetes infrastructure


Hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure management and security.

All the capabilities of Advanced, plus:

  • Cloud Financial Management
  • Security & Compliance
  • DevOps for infrastructure leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Enterprise Plus

Hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure plus network visibility.

All the capabilities of Enterprise, plus:

  • End-to-end network visibility and analytics across VMware and 3rd party network infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

VMware vRealize Cloud Universal is a SaaS management suite, designed to accelerate cloud evolution by combining on-premises and SaaS capabilities for automation, operations, log analytics, and network visibility into one license.

The VMware products within vRealize Cloud Universal are:

  • vRealize Automation | vRealize Automation Cloud
  • vRealize Operations | vRealize Operations Cloud
  • vRealize Log Insight | vRealize Log Insight Cloud
  • vRealize AI Cloud
  • vRealize Network Insight Universal (only available in vRealize Cloud Universal Enterprise Plus edition)
  • CloudHealth
  • CloudHealth Secure State
  • VMware Skyline


vRealize Cloud Universal can be purchased in four editions: Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. It can also be purchased as an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) multi-year subscription. This option, prepaid upfront, delivers up to 30% cost savings compared to on-premises perpetual. The Enterprise Plus edition is only available as part of VMware Cloud Universal and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Please review our data privacy standards. You can view that at for more details.
Specifically for license enforcement, vRealize Suite Life Cycle Manager collects license usage data from vRealize product instances and transmits the data to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager (a SaaS service).

vCloud Suite Subscription is a discounted bundle that consists of vRealize Cloud Universal and term license of vSphere Enterprise Plus. It is intended for customers interested in purchasing a cloud management platform solution and expanding their vSphere capacity.

Yes. Standalone vRealize and vRealize Suite customers can upgrade to vRealize Cloud Universal or vCloud Suite Subscription through the Subscription Upgrade Program (SUP).

There is no concept of interchanging licenses between on premises and SaaS. vRealize Cloud Universal is consumption-driven, and your consumption is metered and aggregated so that you can use as much or as little of any on-premises and SaaS components as you wish.

vRealize Cloud Universal supports language and regional format settings in French, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese and English.

VMware Cloud Universal (VMCU) is a purchasing program and not a product or SKU. It is available through SPP credits for deployment across a customer-managed private cloud, VMware-managed local cloud, or a VMware-managed public cloud.

Yes, the CloudHealth Enterprise Plus bundle, which includes CloudHealth and CloudHealth Secure State, is included in the vRealize Cloud Universal Enterprise edition. This entitles customers to manage $500 of monthly public cloud spend for every license of vRealize Cloud Universal they purchase. Additional capacity for CloudHealth Enterprise Plus can be purchased separately.

Ready to Get Started?

Get the flexibility to deploy cloud management on-premises or in the cloud, and the freedom to move between the two as needed.