Release Higher Quality Applications Faster While Reducing Operational Risk

VMware vRealize Code Stream provides release automation and continuous delivery to enable frequent, reliable software releases while reducing operational risks.

vRealize Code Stream Continuous Delivery Platform

Watch this high-level overview of some of the software delivery challenges companies are facing and see how Code Stream can help streamline this process.

What vRealize Code Stream Does

Deliver Applications Faster

Improve time to market for new applications and updates via automation and governance of the release process.

Deliver More Reliable Applications

Reduce risk and improve quality by tracking, coordinating and testing the correct application artifact versions and configurations at each stage in the release pipeline.

Leverage Existing Tools and Processes

Adapt to an organization's evolving release automation maturity by orchestrating delivery using your existing software development tools and processes.

Improve Governance and Visibility

Enforce governance and facilitate cross team collaboration via consolidated views and status across all stages in the pipeline.


Model and automate the software delivery pipeline across development, test and production with vRealize Code Stream.


Introduction to vRealize Automation and vRealize Code Stream

See how vRealize Automation and vRealize Code Stream can together speed the delivery of applications and management of application artifacts.

Automate Your Virtualized and Cloud Infrastructure, Applications and Data

A library of VMware and partner provided workflows and plug-ins are available to simplify the delivery of personalized IT services. Using some of these plugins, vRealize Code Stream can deploy to other IaaS and PaaS solutions.

Learn More

IT DevOps: vRealize Code Stream Management Pack

See how vRealize Code Stream enables faster infrastructure delivery and DevOps within your IT Environment.


Visibility into Release Status

Get tips and tricks around executing and tracking a pipeline execution with vRealize Code Stream.


Application Delivery Automation

Model any kind of release process for any kind of software, from application code to infrastructure-as-code. The modeled applications can range from simple, single node, on-premises to complex, multi-tiered, cloud-based or hybrid next-gen applications.

Open Source Engine

vRealize Code Stream is now based on the faster, more lightweight and open source Project Xenon engine. This makes it easier to deploy, run pipelines and tasks at a much larger scale and provides native support for running tasks in parallel.

Project Xenon 

Pipeline Modeling

Pipeline models configure the workflow tasks and governance policies used to build, deploy and test the software at each stage in the delivery process as well as the gating rules between stages. As organizations’ release processes mature, vRealize Code Stream pipeline templates can be modified from partial to full-automation to evolve with them.

Artifact Management

vRealize Code Stream supports the modeling and resolution of artifacts so that the right artifact versions are automatically retrieved when deploying a particular build version of an application.

The Right Artifact Version for Each Release

As you move to continuous delivery with more frequent releases, keeping track of artifacts becomes increasingly more important. With vRealize Code Stream you can easily control, store and manage binary artifacts throughout the software release cycle and ensure that the right artifact version is deployed every time.

Artifact Tracking

The artifact repository can also store binary objects like virtual machine templates, vRealize Automation service blueprints etc. By using this capability combined with the Code Management pack, you can track your artifacts and the associated dependent objects.

Code Management pack 

Release Dashboard and Reports

Code Stream provides a summary view of all active pipelines and an end-to-end view of each pipeline where all users can see which tasks are completed, in progress or have resulted in an error.

Improved Visibility and Productivity Tracking

Out-of-the-box reports help to measure release quality and efficiency over time. This unified view of the release status across environments empowers collaboration between teams to assure higher quality and faster delivery of new software releases.

Extensibility Framework: Leverage Existing Tools & Processes

Companies utilize variety of software development lifecycle tools to coordinate the build, deployment and testing task at each stage in the software delivery pipeline.

Out-of-the Box Support Included

Software lifecycle tools including Jenkins, Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015, Artifactory, Yum, Git and others. Service blueprints are modeled in vRealize Automation so pipeline tasks can trigger application provisioning and deployment. vRealize Automation 7 converged blueprints that model infrastructure, middleware and application stacks.


vRealize Code Stream is available on a standalone basis, priced per OSI or per CPU.