Self-Driving IT Operations Management

VMware vRealize Operations delivers self-driving IT operations management from apps to infrastructure to optimize, plan and scale hybrid cloud and HCI deployments while unifying multi-cloud monitoring. Powered by AI/ML, it helps IT run production operations hands-off and hassle-free with a unified operations platform, delivering continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance.

Self-driving Operations Overview

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Self-driving Operations Overview

Discover how vRealize Operations enables IT teams across industries to innovate and accelerate time to value.

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Five-Step Buyer's Guide to Modern IT Operations

Discover what's possible for your digital business with this five-step approach to IT management.

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Get 303% ROI with <3-Month Payback

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Get 303% ROI with <3-Month Payback

See how organizations are reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and decreasing costs as seen in a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study of vRealize Operations.

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Why Choose vRealize Operations

Proven solution from the market leader

Customers can trust self-driving operations for their most demanding applications from the market leader as ranked by IDC for three consecutive years.

True Cloud Management Platform

Self-driving operations is connected to deep data and market leading automation, so that IT has confidence the performance and costs are optimized accurately and according to business intent.

Best hybrid cloud monitoring and troubleshooting

Customers can fix problems at the speed of light with intelligent analytics run on structured and unstructured data connected to a broad ecosystem of applications and infrastructure.

Native console built for SDDC and vSphere

Customers prefer native instrumentation, designed by the same engineering teams, which works together seamlessly with vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS and vSAN.

What’s New in vRealize Operations 8.0?  

Continuous Performance Optimization

Intelligent Remediation

  • Troubleshooting Workbench for expedited root cause analysis
  • Additional out-of-the-box application monitoring dashboards, for a total of 20 applications via Telegraf agents, including custom script execution
  • Native service discovery with support for top-n processes and one-time script execution
  • Monitor Microsoft Azure environments with management pack from VMware

Platform Enhancements

  • Available on-premises and Tech Preview of cloud service, vRealize Operations Cloud
  • Continuous availability of vRealize Operations
  • Easier onboarding and upgrade process

Efficient Capacity and Cost Management

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure capacity and cost management and planning
  • Monitor costs for VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure
  • Enhanced Private Cloud Costing with per datacenter cost drivers
  • Private cloud cost comparison across data centers for new workload planning
  • Public cloud costing visibility by integrating with Cloud Health by VMware

Integrated Compliance

  • New simplified Compliance Workflow
  • Enhancement to regulatory and SDDC (VMware vSphere, NSX-T, vSAN) compliance content
  • Monitor compliance for VMs in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Ability to import/export custom compliance standards

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A Day in the Life of IT Operations

Get out of firefighting mode, get ahead of the next crisis, and easily prove your value to the business with vRealize Operations.

Introducing vRealize Operations 8.0

Find out what’s new and what’s improved in vRealize Operations 8.0.

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Why You Should Consider vRealize Operations 8.0

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Why You Should Consider vRealize Operations 8.0

See how the 8.0 release delivers an AI/ML self-driving approach to operations.

vRealize Operations Upgrade Center

Find out why and how to upgrade to the latest version. It's quick and easy.

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Thousands of customers across industries worldwide modernize their data centers to optimize for performance, availability, and cost. Discover how these customers streamline and automate IT operations across physical, virtual and cloud environments with VMware’s self-driving IT operations management solutions.

Alliant Credit Union

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Alliant Credit Union

One of the largest credit unions in the U.S.expands visibility across entire IT infrastructure with vRealize Operations.

ACI Specialty Benefits

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ACI Specialty Benefits

Global benefits company grows rapidly byreducing total cost of ownership by 35 percent with vRealize.


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European leader in global payments advances pace of innovation with vRealize.


vRealize Operations improves application performance, prevents business disruptions and makes IT more efficient. 

vRealize Suite with VMware Cloud on AWS

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vRealize Suite with VMware Cloud on AWS

See how to confidently integrate and manage VMware Cloud on AWS with vRealize Suite.

vSAN and vRealize Operations

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vSAN and vRealize Operations

Discover how to reduce TCO and improve business and operational efficiency.

VMware Cloud on AWS

vRealize Operations delivers a unified hybrid cloud management experience for VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Continuous Performance Optimization

Assure application performance at minimal cost, driven by operational and business intent with real-time ML-based predictive analytics driving actions to automatically balance workloads and proactively avoid contention.

Automated Workload Balancing

Automatically and continuously balance workloads across clusters based on business and operational intent for virtual machines in private cloud or in VMware Cloud on AWS. Optimize workload balancing for cost savings, performance, compliance, software license management or consolidation. Continuously verify workload performance against defined intent, applying predictive analytics to project future requirements, and balance workloads automatically or schedule balancing in a convenient maintenance window.

Continuous and Automated workload placement throughout the VM lifecycle

Integrate vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation for initial placement and on-going placement to meet utilization and business intent, sharing common constructs to deliver next-gen Cloud Management Platform.

Automated Host Based Placement, Driven by Operational and Business Intent

Create placement zones across hosts regardless of cluster boundaries to optimize placement and balancing of workloads based on software license enforcement, tiers and other tags. Apply business intent to VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and automate DRS management.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Performance Optimization

Optimize performance of vSAN clusters through workload balancing that is resync, slack space and storage policy aware.

Predictive DRS

Avoid contention by combining predictive analytics from vRealize Operations with VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). Analyze and predict future demand or contention and proactively move workloads to avoid the issues.

Integrated Compliance

Reduce risk and enforce IT and regulatory standards with integrated compliance and automated drift remediation.

SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS Configuration & Compliance

Enable security configuration for vSphere with out-of-the box cluster, host and VM compliance dashboards.

SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS Regulatory Compliance

Measure vSphere compliance stature against common templates like DISA, FISMA, ISO, CIS, PCI and HIPAA, or create custom compliance standards.

Automated Configuration Management

Automate drift remediation with out-of-the-box workflows and vRealize Orchestrator integration.

Flexible Deployment Options

vRealize Operations offers multiple deployment options to support your business innovation

Available On-premises or as a Service

vRealize Operations is available as an on-premises software or as a cloud service. The cloud service, called vRealize Operations Cloud, which is in technical preview, offers full feature parity with the traditional product but all the benefits of software as a service, such as reduced operational overhead, automatic updates, fixes and upgrades, and faster access to new features and innovation.

Federation Across Multiple Data Centers

Manage large and complex environments in one place with federated views across multiple and geographically dispersed data centers.

Continuous Availability

Continuous availability provides the ability to stretch a vRealize Operations cluster across fault domains, which will allow a vRealize Operations cluster to survive the failure of a fault domain, assuring uninterrupted operations view.

Capacity and Cost Management and Planning

Reduce cost and improve efficiency with real-time ML-based capacity analytics correlated with cost analytics, improving utilization and consolidation while proactively planning for future.

Reclaim and Right-size

Reclaim overprovisioned capacity, right-size virtual machines and increase consolidation while honoring business and operational intent. Real-time predictive capacity analytics provide proactive alerting based on capacity usage and demand. They also deliver actionable recommendations that include reclamation, as well as compute and storage procurement options.

Cost Management

Combine capacity analytics with costing information to easily understand and track how operational efficiency and capacity management drive cost efficiency. Understand total cost of ownership, get fine-grained savings opportunities, and showback and chargeback reports for private cloud. Get insights, natively, into costs and billing for VMware Cloud on AWS and extend costing visibility to public clouds through integration with Cloud Health by VMware.

Capacity Planning

Use flexible capacity modeling to develop resourcing strategies and what-if scenarios across hyperconverged, hybrid and multi cloud environments. Advanced capacity planning provides the ability to model best fit for new workloads, plan hardware procurement, compare costs across multiple data centers and plan migration to VMware Cloud on AWS. Evaluate the cost of deploying workloads in a private cloud and compare that with the cost of other public cloud environments, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Intelligent Remediation

Predict, prevent and troubleshoot faster with actionable insights correlating metrics and logs. Streamline and centralize IT operations with native SDDC integrations, multi-cloud monitoring and a highly scalable and extensible platform.

Troubleshooting Workbench

Get a unified IT operations view into applications and infrastructure health for anomaly detections and expedited root cause analysis. Visualize and correlate key performance indicators, metrics, events and logs and get actionable workflows to troubleshoot quickly. Enable proactive remediation of performance problems through advanced predictive analytics. Gain insight into application-to-infrastructure dependencies to simplify change impact analysis and troubleshooting.

Custom Dashboards, Reports and Views

Create custom dashboards, reports and views to visualize unique workflows across infrastructure, operations and applications teams. Easily share information for better team collaboration.

360-Degree Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot smarter with 360-degree troubleshooting using metrics and logs side by side and in context. Integration of vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight brings structured data (such as metrics and key performance indicators) and unstructured data (such as log files) together for faster root-cause analysis.

Native SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS Integrations

Operationalize and scale VMware hybrid cloud with native integrations with vCenter, vSAN, VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on AWS, for monitoring and troubleshooting as well as capacity and cost management and workload balancing. Take advantage of centralized management of multi-site and stretched vSAN clusters with advanced troubleshooting, proactive alerting and visibility from virtual machines to disk.

Multi-cloud Monitoring

Combine native VMware hybrid cloud integrations with management packs for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS for unified monitoring and troubleshooting across a multi-cloud environment.

Monitor common packaged applications and operating systems natively

Empower IT and application owners to triage and resolve issues faster. vRealize Operations easily and automatically discovers virtual machines and apps, deploys agents with full lifecycle management capabilities and collects the required metrics for monitoring and troubleshooting for common packed applications. Relationships between applications and infrastructure are mapped by vRealize Operations to provide visualization of the full stack and decrease time-to-identify root cause of performance and availability issues.

Open and Extensible Platform

Manage large, complex, heterogeneous, hybrid environments with an open and extensible architecture with scalability and resilience. Deploy domain-specific Management Packs from VMware and third-party hardware and application vendors.


Self-driving Operations

&nbsp; Standalone Licensing
Standard Per Virtual Machine (VM)/ Per Processor (CPU)
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Per Operating System Instance (OSI)/Per Processor (CPU)
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Per Operating System Instance (OSI)/Per Processor (CPU)
&nbsp; Available in Suite
Standard N/A
Advanced<sup>1</sup> VMware vRealize Suite/vCloud Suite Standard, Advanced (PLU)
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> VMware vRealize Suite/vCloud Suite Enterprise (PLU)
&nbsp; Performance monitoring and analytics
Standard vSphere only
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Entire SDDC, VMware Cloud on AWS and VCPP based hybrid clouds
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Entire SDDC, VMware Cloud on AWS, hybrid clouds and multicloud
&nbsp; Capacity management and planning
Standard vSphere only with planning to add more workloads
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Integrated capacity and costing for entire SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS; multiple what-if scenarios for HCI planning, adding and removing workloads, procurement and multi-cloud migration
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Integrated capacity and costing for entire SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS; multiple what-if scenarios for HCI planning, adding and removing workloads, procurement and multi-cloud migration
&nbsp; SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS security and compliance
Standard vSphere
Advanced<sup>1</sup> SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS
&nbsp; Remediation and troubleshooting
Standard vSphere only
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Entire SDDC, VMware Cloud on AWS and VCPP based hybrid clouds2
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Entire SDDC, VMware cloud on AWS, hybrid clouds, Azure, AWS, containers and applications2
&nbsp; Workload balancing based on business/operational intent
Standard Manual
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Automated and schedulable
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Automated and schedulable
&nbsp; Dashboards and reporting
Standard Out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and views
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Out-of-the-box AND customizable/shareable dashboards, reports and views
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Out-of-the-box AND customizable/shareable dashboards, reports and views
&nbsp; Log integration
Standard Available
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Available
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Available
&nbsp; Private cloud costing
Standard N/A
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Included
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Included
&nbsp; OS monitoring
Standard N/A
Advanced<sup>1</sup> Included
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Included
&nbsp; Application, middleware and database monitoring
Standard N/A
Advanced<sup>1</sup> N/A
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> Included
&nbsp; Third-party management packs available2
Standard 15+ for compute and storage
Advanced<sup>1</sup> 50+ for compute, storage, networking, hyperconverged and other hypervisors
Enterprise<sup>1</sup> 75+ for compute, storage, networking, converged/hyperconverged, other hypervisors, container, public cloud, connectors, database, big data, and applications

For a complete feature-level version comparison, please see the Self-Driving Operations Datasheet.

1VMware Configuration Manager is no longer included in vRealize Operations Standalone Advanced and Enterprise editions. It is also not included in vRealize or vCloud Suites. VMware Configuration Manager is available as a separate standalone offering.

2May require VMware or third-party management packs. A full catalog of vRealize Operations management packs can be found here.


Self-driving Operations

Self-driving Operations

Run cloud operations hands-off and hassle-free.

Take the Cloud Management Express Train

Take the Cloud Management Express Train

Discover how you can transport your critical application infrastructure safely and effi­ciently.


vRealize Operations

How does vRealize Operations drive capacity and cost management?

VMware vRealize Operations delivers self-driving operations from apps to infrastructure to optimize, plan, and scale hybrid cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) deployments while unifying multi-cloud monitoring. See the vRealize Operations Datasheet to learn more.

What are the cost savings and business benefits I can achieve with vRealize Operations?

According to a Forrester report, vRealize Operations led to improved visibility, optimized performance and capacity, and faster remediation for enterprises that deployed it. These organizations experienced a total ROI of 303 percent, including:

  • 20 percent reduction in hardware costs
  • 50 percent reduction in database management license costs over a three-year period
  • 93 percent reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 30 percent improvement in productivity

Use our ROI estimation calculator to estimate the potential ROI for your organization.

What are the software requirements for running vRealize Operations?

vRealize Operations Manager is supported for installation on the following Linux versions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, starting with version 6.5.

vRealize Operations Manager is supported for installation on the following Windows versions:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

For details and configuration requirements, read the Installation and Configuration guide.

What are the hardware requirements for running vRealize Operations?

The components for running vRealize Operations—analytics nodes, witness nodes, and remote collectors—have various hardware requirements. Detailed hardware specifications are available in the vRealize Operations documentation

How can I try out vRealize Operations?

The vRealize Operations Hands-on Lab is a free evaluation that allows you to test-drive the full technical capabilities of vRealize Operations from your browser, with no installation required.

Where can I find training and documentation for vRealize Operations?

Training courses in classroom, live online, and self-paced on-demand formats, as well as free eLearning courses, are available in VMware Education. A variety of courses are available for vRealize Operations, enabling you to take advantage of all its features and functions and get the most out of your vRealize environment.

Product documentation for vRealize Operations is available in VMware Docs.


vRealize Operations is available standalone and bundled with various VMware suites. Refer to the edition comparison table to understand the different product editions. There are three licensing models.

  • Portable licensing units: This is the licensing metric for vCloud Suite and vRealize Suite.
  • Per processor with unlimited VMs: This is the licensing metric for the following standalone products: vRealize Operations Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions and vRealize Log Insight.
  • Per virtual machine or operating system instance: This is the licensing metric for the following standalone products: vRealize Operations Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions and vRealize Log Insight.


VMware vRealize Configuration Manager is no longer included in vRealize Operations Advanced or Enterprise editions. It is also not included in vRealize or vCloud Suites. vRealize Configuration Manager is available as a separate standalone offering.


Questions? Contact a vRealize sales expert at (877) 524-2555 or e-mail us. Use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.