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VMware delivers intelligent operations management from applications to infrastructure to help you plan, manage and scale your SDDC deployments and integrate public clouds with confidence. The most recent vRealize Operations updates translate directly into faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership. vRealize Operations 6.6 delivers:


  • New HTML5 user interface and out of the box actionable dashboards to manage capacity, troubleshoot smarter and run production operations at scale. 
  • Automated and proactive performance management with workload balancing across clusters and data stores, and predictive DRS.
  • Unified visibility from applications to infrastructure and 360-degree troubleshooting with metrics and logs side-by-side and in context.
  • Combined insights from operational metrics and cloud costing visibility for optimizing utilization, costs, planning and procurement.
  • Native VMware vSAN management and monitoring for performance, capacity, and troubleshooting across stretched clusters.
  • Enhanced integrations across VMware SDDC product offerings including managing SDDC health, hardening and configuration.



Welcome to vROps 6.6 New Dashboards


Improved User Experience

Leverage modern HTML5-based user interface for fast performance and ease of use. Quickly navigate and accelerate remediation with persona-based dashboards including operations overview, troubleshooting, cloud capacity, compliance, and configuration management.

Proactive Performance Management

Ensure performance across the datacenter with fully automated workload balancing across clusters and data stores (with storage vMotion). View and set DRS settings to drive better balance. Avoid contention – Predictive DRS takes action before the contention occurs. Set up proper initial workload placement and utilize operational analytics to optimize placement of workloads through vRealize Automation.

Full 360-Degree Log Integration

Get full integration in-context within vRealize Operations for faster troubleshooting, including direct launch into Log Insight dashboard, direct launch into Log Insight interactive analytics mode, object auto-initiated log management, and vRealize Operations alerts auto-initiated log management.

Increased Visibility Across SDDC

Gain full SDDC-App-Operations-View with health dashboard breakdown for each product, including vSphere, NSX and vSAN. Correlate SDDC-app-component to underlying infrastructure health (deployment instances and corresponding VM health).

Cost Management Gets Easier

Optimize public clouds spending with more visibility, including costing analysis for all services on AWS and Azure. Gain VM level usage visibility into public clouds and improve planning with fine-grained cost analysis for private clouds.

Complete Native vSAN Management

Deploy vSAN with confidence with complete visibility down to disk level. Easily view performance, capacity, logs, configuration and health to gain rich vSAN metrics/data in a centralized management across vSAN stretched clusters.

Unified and Integrated Solution

Access to more out of the box integrations with Storage (vSAN), Logs (vRealize Log Insight), Business (vRealize Business for Cloud) and Automation (vRealize Automation).

Out of the Box Compliance and Hardening

Tackle compliance problems with the new Hardening Dashboard which provides compliance across all SDDC components, including vSAN, NSX, and vCenter. Extend compliance to meet PCI & HIPAA requirements for vSphere. Ensure that cluster, host, and VM configurations meet your business standards with new configuration dashboards.


Upgrade following 5 easy steps:

  1. Review and preserve customized content
  2. Create a snapshot of each node in the cluster
  3. Install the OS update using vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS-xxx.pak
  4. Install the product update using vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-xxx.pak
  5. Remove the snapshot post successful upgrade

Next Steps


  • Become eligible to upgrade for free if your existing licenses have active support and subscription contracts.
  • Log into my.vmware.com and click on “Manage License Keys” to obtain new licenses.
  • For questions about your upgrade eligibility, please contact support.

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