VMware vSAN Assessment is a free assessment that helps you validate vSAN's benefits to your organization by providing TCO analysis, hardware guidance, and sizing recommendations specific to your environment in just one week.

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vSAN Assessment Tool Portal

The portal is a SaaS-based application that receives the I/O traces from customers’ infrastructures and presents the detailed results. It also provides the ability to export the results onto different document types Excel, PowerPoint, etc.


vSAN Assessment Tool Collector

This tool is a virtual appliance (OVF file) deployed in customer environment that collects data and sends it to the portal. The tool does NOT collect or store any customer sensitive data. For details on the security aspects and privacy features, please refer to the VMware Infrastructure Planner Security white paper.


Output: Environment Analysis

This analysis identifies all of the virtual machines that are suitable candidates for vSAN and the best-fit architecture (hybrid or all-flash).


Output: Storage CapEx Savings

Automatically import and review vSAN cluster sizing recommendations gathered through the environment analysis into the vSAN TCO and Sizing Calculator. The TCO Calculator provides vSAN savings by year, TCO without vSAN and TCO with vSAN.


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