Why Upgrade

A Simple Solution to Modernize Your Data Center

  • Accelerate the deployment of electronic health records, ultimately reducing the time or need to complete many common storage tasks.
  • Use existing virtualization tools, vSphere and vCenter, for compute and management.
  • Evolve to full-stack HCI to create a highly automated, software-defined data center with hybrid cloud capabilities.

Efficient Scaling to Meet Your Growth Requirements

  • Scale linearly to match VDI growth and eliminate wasteful up-front purchases while improving performance.
  • Decrease utilized capacity with dedupe, compression, and TRIM/UNMAP support.
  • Improve performance with all-flash, low latency storage with up to 150k IOPS per node.

Easy Access and Security for Patient Records

  • Customize failures to tolerate (FTT) at the VM or VMDK level to protect sensitive patient records.
  • Create stretched clusters for a highly-available solution that costs up to 50% less up front than traditional storage.
  • Support the latest storage technologies, including all-NVMe clusters, to ensure your records can be accessed quickly and consistently.

vSAN Healthcare Customers

Helse Nord

Helse Nord

“When you combine vSphere 6.5 and vSAN 6.6, you get an incredibly powerful tool. Without it, we would not be able to automate. All data is now run according to policies.”


Vegard Jørgensen, Senior Advisor, Helse Nord IKT, Department of Services

Baystate Health

“Based on the requirements of up-time, integration of all the different siloes and essentially the seamlessness of the architecture, VMware is, as far as we’re concerned, the proper choice – pretty much the most solid approach to hyperconvergence.”


– Mike Feld, Interim CTO

Top Use Cases for vSAN Healthcare Customers

Electronic Health Records and PACS

Run critical healthcare applications, including EHR, PACS, and VDI. High availability and stretched cluster support enables you to customize policies, ensuring data remains available despite node, rack, or site failure. Ensure rapid delivery of patient data to multiple users simultaneously with all-flash and all-NVMe support.


EHR and PACS Vendor Support:


  • Allscripts EHR
  • Philips PACS
  • FujiPACS Synapse

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Reduce infrastructure and storage costs with rich data services that efficiently match resources to your growth requirements. With vSAN, you can scale granularly – just one node at a time – and linearly with VDI growth. Use existing capacity more efficiently with dedupe, compression, and TRIM/UNMAP support.


VDI Vendor Support:


  • Epic Hyperspace
  • Cerner Millennium
  • Meditech VDI

Branch Offices

Try vSAN’s unique, flexible licensing for branch offices. vSAN’s simple, scalable hyperconverged infrastructure solution can be centrally managed across treatment center locations, and it will keep you within budget.

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