Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) need cost effective, agile IT to quickly grow their businesses. IT teams, or the single IT admin, need intuitive, powerful, enterprise-grade infrastructure that can rapidly respond as the business evolves. At the same time, many SMBs don't want to spend their capital investing in traditional storage arrays expected to last 5-7 years. Finally, SMBs need integration with the public cloud to scale as needed and avoid silos. 

HCI powered by vSAN can help by offering cost effective, enterprise grade infrastructure, intuitive management and flexible scaling with native public cloud services. 

For small businesses just getting started with hyperconverged infrastructure, the VMware HCI Kit Essentials comes with all the required software licenses: six processors' worth of compute (vSphere) virtualization, storage (vSAN) virtualization, and management (vCenter) software. For a limited time, save 20% off the list price. 


DTECH Increases Storage Performance by 10x with vSAN

"vSAN opened up a new range of possibilities with our customers. Storage increased dramatically, performance was 10 times faster - we've seen 70,000 IOPS, versus 6,000 on traditional servers the same size - and the overall management is simple."


Tom Lynott, Principal Software Engineering Lead

MasterControl Scales Easily with vSAN

"It's straight forward to monitor and manage vSAN storage. Now any of our system engineers can help out when it's time to add or maintain storage."


Bryce Catten, Senior Systems Engineer

Why vSAN?

VMware Powered Hyperconverged Infrastructure Provides:

Simple Evolution to Full Stack HCI

  • Native to your hypervisor and leading clouds
  • Use existing virtualization tools
  • Protect and optimize current investments

Broadest Flexibility

  • Certified solutions with your preferred vendor
  • Day one support of latest technologies
  • Unify resources under policy-based management

Multi-Cloud Capabilities

  • Consistent operations from edge to core to cloud
  • Intrinsic security for data-at-rest and in-flight
  • Hundreds of public cloud providers

Top Use Cases for Small and Medium Business vSAN Customers

Business Critical Applications

vSAN powers business critical applications , from MS Exchange to Oracle databases. vSAN supports all-flash storage and up to 150,000 IOPS per node. vSAN scales up to 64 nodes per cluster, and offers enterprise-grade Quality of Service and automated storage balancing for the most demanding workloads.


SMBs employees are always-on and need to consume applications on the move. They need access to a consistent, personalized workspace. vSAN delivers high performance VDI while reducing OPEX. vSAN enables IT to deliver desktop services to end users via virtual machines on consolidated clusters in the data center.

Hybrid Cloud

SMBs’ IT resource needs can rapidly scale, and cloud computing often helps meet temporary demand. vSAN has native services with AWS and IBM Cloud, allowing customers to seamlessly consume HCI-as-a-Service. VMware is the only HCI vendor to offer this innovative technology.

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