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vSAN 8 Update 3 delivers greater flexibility, protection, and management functionality to the modern data center.

What’s New in vSAN 8 Update 3

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New Capabilities in vSAN 8 Update 3

Flexible Topologies

  • Stretched cluster integration for vSAN Express Storage Architecture in VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF): Users can now extend a vSAN cluster from a single data site to two sites within the VCF platform, providing greater availability and inter-site load balancing. Consuming capacity or compute from under-utilized resources between clusters in geographically distinct data centers is now possible with vSAN in VCF.
  • Storage disaggregation integration in VMware Cloud Foundation: VCF users leveraging vSAN for modern storage now have the ability to scale storage resources independently from compute resources to meet the growing demands of their vSphere clusters. Increase flexibility and choice to support unique workload demands on vSAN within VCF.
  • Increased File Services support in vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA): File service support has increased from 100 file shares to 250 file shares per cluster, enabling storage and management of diverse Cloud-native workloads in vSAN Express Storage Architecture. Users have greater flexibility, scalability, and management of file storage infrastructure with vSAN.

Agile Data Protection

  • vSAN Data Protection for vSAN ESA offers heightened levels of data protection and agility with snapshot management. It enables administrators to easily protect and recover VMs from accidents such as errant VM deletion or malicious ransomware attacks.
  • Effortlessly configure protection groups that allow admins to define what VMs should be protected, how frequently, and for what duration for ultimate levels of control and protection.
  • Deliver improved security and efficiency in the data center with the protection and portability of immutable snapshots native to vSAN.
  • Simplify creation and management of immutable snapshots from a single, unified platform.
More to Learn

More to Learn

Take a deep dive into vSAN by exploring technical documentation, use cases, guides, and more.

Enhanced Management

  • VMware Cloud Foundation brownfield ingest: vSAN users can now import existing vSAN clusters into VCF environments, enabling previously stand-alone vSAN deployments to achieve the full benefits of VCF. Users now have simple onboarding of existing vSAN clusters, providing consistent, unified infrastructure and lifecycle management.
  • Improved network health findings for RDMA-based networks: Expanded network health findings functionality to support RDMA network cards enables users to maintain a robust environment and validate it consistently as with IO controllers and NVMe devices. Avoid downtime and mitigate troubleshooting when using RDMA with vSAN.
  • Enhanced I/O trip analysis: Simplify operations by monitoring the performance of multiple VMs simultaneously with I/O trip analyzer’s new cluster-level view. Gain valuable insight with a comprehensive view of storage performance across a cluster.
  • Greater customization of NVMe endurance: Configure endurance thresholds at the cluster level for simplified management and monitoring. Proactive monitoring ensures disk integrity, and thus performance, and prevents downtime due to disk failure.

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