Supercharge Workload Performance with DPUs

Accelerate your Infrastructure

Learn how vSphere on DPUs can supercharge workload performance at lower TCO.

Introducing DPUs for On-Premises Infrastructure

vSphere on DPUs, enabled by vSphere Distributed Services Engine modernizes virtual infrastructure by offloading functions from CPU to DPU. It enables modern distributed workloads to take advantage of resource savings, accelerated networking, and enhanced workload security, while also improving DPU lifecycle management with workflows integrated into vSphere.

Improve Infrastructure Performance

Enhance infrastructure services’ performance with lower latency and higher throughput. Get more workload consolidation per host and lower TCO. Proactively monitor, identify, and mitigate network bottlenecks without complex network taps.

Simplify DPU Lifecycle Management

Reduce operational overhead of DPU lifecycle management with integrated vSphere workflows, removing the need for proprietary tools. Eliminate the requirement to integrate third party tools to monitor DPU performance.

Boost Infrastructure Security

Harden infrastructure security posture with agentless security controls, decoupled from the workload domain.

vSphere Distributed Services Engine Capabilities

Offload Infrastructure Functions

Offload and accelerate vSphere Distributed Switch and NSX networking and observability on the DPU.

Manage DPU Lifecycle

Install and update ESXi images simultaneously on DPU and CPU.
Provide metrics and insights on DPU performance alongside CPU metrics.

Enhanced Workload Mobility

DRS and vMotion support for VMs running on hosts with DPUs attached.

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