Minimize Downtime from Application Failure

vSphere App HA is a new feature that complements the functionality of VMware vSphere High Availability with application-level monitoring and automated remediation. App HA improves application uptime through:

  • Policy-based application monitoring and remediation
  • Integration with vSphere HA to provide multiple recovery options, e.g. restart the application service or restart the virtual machine

Reduce Complexity and Cost

App HA eliminates the need for application-specific clustering solutions, therefore reducing the complexity involved in managing infrastructure silos, as well as cost associated with the solutions. App HA provides:

  • Uniform protection and support for many commonly used, off-the-shelf applications
  • Simple, centralized management through app-health visibility from VMware vCenter Server
vSphere App HA Diagram

vSphere App HA Diagram

Technical Details

Architecture Overview

vSphere App HA leverages VMware vFabric to monitor applications. Deploying App HA begins with provisioning two virtual appliances (per vCenter Server): App HA and Hyperic. The App HA virtual appliance stores and manages App HA policies. Hyperic monitors applications and enforces App HA policies.

After the simple process of deploying the Hyperic and App HA virtual appliances, Hyperic agents are installed in the virtual machines containing applications that will be protected by App HA.

App HA Policies

App HA policies are easily configured in the Administration section of the vSphere Web Client. Policies define items such as the number of times App HA will attempt to restart a service, number of minutes it will wait for the service to start, the option to reset the virtual machine if the service fails to start, and reset the virtual machine when the service is unstable.

vSphere App HA Architecture Overview

vSphere App HA Architecture Overview