What is vSphere Platinum?

Run your business-critical applications and workloads on the infrastructure platform you know and love, now with integrated VMware AppDefense. vSphere Platinum delivers enhanced security for apps, data, infrastructure, and access that’s simple to operate and doesn’t interrupt VM performance. It uses the power of machine learning to monitor the intended state of your apps, instead of trying to keep up with the continually changing threat landscape. Gain better visibility and more granular control over your entire infrastructure with vSphere Platinum.

Next-Level Power and Simplicity

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Next-Level Power and Simplicity

Discover intrinsic and comprehensive security across your apps, data, and infrastructure, now built into vSphere.

Test Drive vSphere Platinum for Free

Test Drive vSphere Platinum for Free

Experience the most secure compute platform with integrated AppDefense in just 30 minutes.


Key Benefits of vSphere Platinum

Gain Deep Visibility into Virtual Machines

Easily locate and understand the purpose of each VM and view an inventory of all your apps. vSphere Platinum enables you to understand application behavior with information and analytics that span your entire environment.

Protect Workloads from Security Threats

Receive instant alerts on potential VM deviations and high-risk behavior. AppDefense shrinks your attack surface and reduces your security risks, improving threat detection with machine learning and behavioral analytics.

Secure Everything on a Comprehensive Platform

Secure it all, from infrastructure to data to access. Investigate alerts quickly with in-depth app context and information, and support compliance by getting notified of any non-compliant behavior. All of which means collaboration across security, compliance, and app teams becomes painless.

Run All Apps on a Universal Platform

vSphere Platinum enables a seamless hybrid cloud experience. It gives you easy visibility, migration, and management of apps and workloads on one simple platform. Plus, automated and orchestrated threat responses maximize efficiency and minimize potential damage.

Leverage What You Already Have and Trust

vSphere Platinum enhances existing analytics and security tools, so you don’t need to start from scratch. It’s easy to operationalize and manage with no agents to install, and you can access everything from the vSphere Client console that you already know.

Extend Intelligent Security Across Your Entire Environment

Experience the enhanced security and protection of integrated AppDefense at every layer – compute, network, storage, and management – with VMware Cloud Foundation Platinum, our hyperconverged, hybrid cloud platform.

Get the Hybrid Cloud for Dummies Guide

Hybrid cloud demands a single source of truth for operations and management that spans your entire IT environment. vSphere Platinum delivers a seamless hybrid cloud experience that simplifies data and app migrations and allows admins to view all their resources in one place. Get the performance you need with simpler and more efficient management, at scale.


A data center foundation built on vSphere Platinum allows you to:

  • Run all apps and workloads on a universal application platform
  • Easily view, migrate, and manage workloads across on-premises and public cloud environments
  • Secure your applications in a common operating environment, across clouds

Get more details and guidance on building a modern, secure hybrid cloud platform.


Download the Dummies Guide

Hybrid Cloud for Dummies Guide

Customer Success with vSphere Platinum 

Secure Infrastructure for Human Capital Management

Ceridian is empowered to meet customers’ needs for availability and response times, without jeopardizing security or resiliency.

"VMware technologies have enabled us to build in real time. That’s what vSphere brings to the table. What AppDefense brings is the ability to immediately lock down and see what's happening, so we can make the best judgment about how to further secure our environment."

— Kevin Young, Principal Architect, Ceridian

Watch the Video (2:33) 

Best-In Class Banking with a Modernized Data Center

The United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU) needed to modernize IT to better serve its customers, and does so while protecting business- critical applications.

“vSphere Platinum gives us a more secure hypervisor to run our business-critical apps, and having AppDefense integrated directly into vSphere makes it simple for us to manage.”

— Mark Fournier, Systems Architect, USSFCU

Read the Case Study 

Getting Started with vSphere Platinum

Try vSphere Platinum in Minutes  

Access the hand-on lab for free, no installation required, to learn about vSphere Platinum and walk through the deployment and configuration of AppDefense.

Learn How to Upgrade to vSphere 6.7  

Find guidance and help for making the switch to vSphere 6.7, the first step to Platinum.