Introducing Cloud Consumption Interface for vSphere+

Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI) empowers flexibility in consumption options for end users while retaining full control for the vSphere administrator. It enables a cloud experience akin to public cloud that can be easily tailored by the administrator for the specific needs of the organization.

Accelerate Productivity and Innovation

Offer cloud resources to your developers just in time. With flexibility of interface options and self-service access, Cloud Consumption Interface brings the cloud at the developers’ fingertips.

Enhance Collaboration Between IT and DevOps

Establish clean separation of concerns between providers and consumers based on DevOps practices. CCI provides familiar Kubernetes interface for consumption of traditional and cloud native resources. ​

Streamline Organization and Governance

Expose only the resources that are needed for a specific user. Organize the cloud access model based on roles, projects, and regions with policies.

Cloud Consumption Interface Features

Single Cloud Portal for Provisioning

Aggregate services from multiple Tanzu Supervisor Clusters and expose them for consumption.

Choice of Interface

Multiple interface options: Kubernetes CLI and API for users that prefer Infrastructure as Code; service-oriented GUI for users that prefer to point-and-click.

Self-Service with Access Control

Streamline consumption of VMware Cloud Infrastructure by providing direct and tailored resource access across traditional and cloud native environments.

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