Virtualize and Simplify Your Big Data Infrastructure

Empowering Big Data

Learn how VMware and Cloudera are working together to virtualize Hadoop.

Busting the Myths: Hadoop Virtualization

Learn the facts about virtualizing Hadoop on vSphere.

Run Big Data Apps on vSphere

Simplify the management of your big data infrastructure and lower costs by using platforms from VMware that virtualize traditional, modern cloud, mobile and big data applications.

Easy Sharing of Data Center Resources

Manage VM templates, vApps, ISO images and scripts from a central location with vSphere Content Library, and deploy VM templates directly onto a host or cluster for a consistent provisioning experience.

Centralized Network Management

Provision, administer and monitor virtual networking across multiple hosts and clusters from a centralized interface. The vSphere Distributed Switch provides rich monitoring capabilities.

Resource Prioritization

Automatically shift resources according to the rules and policies you’ve set up, and address network utilization through a dynamic allocation of I/O capacity across a cluster of vSphere hosts.

Rapid Deployment and Provisioning

Rapidly deploy and provision multiple vSphere hosts, enabling automatic correction of configuration drift and eliminating the need for specialized scripts or manual configuration.

Additional Benefits


Simplify operations and maintenance of your big data infrastructure.


Get your infrastructure on demand so you can rapidly deliver business value.


Decrease CapEx through cluster consolidation. Decrease OpEx through automation and simple workflows.


Multi-tenancy allows you to run multiple Hadoop distributions on the same virtual machine.


Pool your resources and increase server utilization. Automation of workload mobility adds to process efficiencies.


Ensure control and compliance of your sensitive data.

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