VMware App Volumes provides radically faster application delivery and unified application management that reduces IT costs by up to 70%.

Product Summary


App Volumes is a portfolio of integrated application and user management solutions for virtual environments, such as Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and RDSH. App Volumes offers:


  • Agility: Instantly deliver or upgrade applications and user environment settings in seconds and at scale. Applications are immediately and dynamically made available, upon login, while logged in, or at boot. Flexible delivery options allow IT to quickly deliver applications to sets of users, groups, or devices, without interruption.
  • Reliability: Eliminate the pain in application packaging, customization, deployment and retirement. Provisioning applications requires no packaging, no modification and no streaming. Applications can be provisioned, delivered, updated and retired for complete and reliable application lifecycle management.
  • Cost Savings: Optimized application delivery using a non-persistent architecture drives down compute, network and storage costs. Manage your workloads using a single copy of an application while keeping the data and settings specific to the desktop or user. One-to-many provisioning lowers storage and operational costs by up to 70% and enables scalable single image management. Decoupling operating system images and applications reduces the number of images managed and removes repetitive application maintenance tasks by up to 95%.

Product Enhancements


The latest release of App Volumes provides unified and integrated application and user management with more enterprise scale features. New capabilities include:


  • AppToggle: Enable per user entitlement and installation of applications within a single AppStack for maximum flexibility. Reduce the number of AppStacks that need to be managed, lower storage capacity and management costs even further, improve performance, and allow applications to share or have different dependencies in a single AppStack.
  • AppCapture with AppIsolation: Easily capture and update applications to simplify application packaging, delivery and isolation with a command line interface that enables IT to distribute AppStack creation to different teams and merge AppStacks for simplified delivery and management. With support for AppIsolation, AppCapture also integrates with VMware ThinApp to enable IT to deliver native applications and VMware ThinApp applications in one consistent format through AppStacks.
  • AppScaling with Multizones: Allows integrated application availability across datacenters with replication of AppStacks across sites. Automatic import services scan file shares to populate AppStacks into data stores across vCenter instances.
  • Integrated Management: App Volumes is built on an integrated application management and monitoring platform that recognizes patterns to create simple, yet powerful workflows for faster provisioning and application lifecycle management. Manage users within this new platform with context-aware user policy and profile management.
  • Unified Admin Console: Use a simple admin view to deliver and manage applications, apply user policy and proactively monitor your desktop and published application environments.

New Purchasing Options


App Volumes in now available in three editions: App Volumes Enterprise, App Volumes Advanced and App Volumes Standard.


  • App Volumes Enterprise (formerly Horizon Application Management Bundle): a complete enterprise application and user management solution that provides application delivery, isolation and end-to-end monitoring for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments.
  • App Volumes Advanced (formerly App Volumes): an integrated application and user management solution for enterprise customers with virtual environments powered by Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and RDSH.
  • App Volumes Standard: an application and user management solution for small and medium businesses with virtual environments powered by Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and RDSH.