Featured Products

Featured Products

App Platform

Aria Operations for Applications (formerly Tanzu Observability)

  • Provide full-stack unified observability for visibility and reducing mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) at scale 
  • Leverage logs, metrics, and alerts for contextual and real-time troubleshooting with intuitive dashboards 

Tanzu Mission Control

  • Directly provision and manage the entire lifecycle of Amazon EKS clusters  
  • Deploy Kubernetes clusters with integration with VMware Aria Automation
  • Drive consistent cluster configuration with support for Flux 
  • Increase flexibility with Cross Cluster Restore capabilities
  • Tanzu team is working to support private deployments of Tanzu Mission Control via a private beta* program with selected customers


*VMware makes no guarantee that services announced in preview or private beta will become available at a future date. The information in this press release is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.1


  • Unification on AWS, Azure and vSphere without Supervisor, meaning the new Cluster API feature, Cluster Class and Carvel tooling will now be available on the management cluster
  • Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • One declarative, unified API for both on-premises and multi-cloud Kubernetes runtimes 


Tanzu Application Platform 1.3

  • Tanzu Application Platform on Red Hat OpenShift running in vSphere and on bare metal (expected general availability later in 2022) 
  • Air-gapped support for regulated and disconnected environments to enhance security (expected general availability later in 2022) 
  • Additional enhancements to the developer and application operator experiences
  • Improvements to end-to-end security 

Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu

  • Unlimited access to on-demand training for platform teams managing Tanzu
  • Designed to help operators stay current with the latest tools in Kubernetes and prepare for Tanzu Certification exam

Tanzu Activation Service

  • Consulting service to quickly get started with the Tanzu platform
  • Deploy, integrate and configure Tanzu while transferring skills to your operations team
  • Migrate an app to deliver value quickly and get blueprints to help you scale 


VMware Cross-Cloud Services Speed Cloud Transformation

  • Build and operate a cloud native platform  
  • Accelerate and simplify cloud transformation  
  • Secure and engage the hybrid workforce  

Rapid Portfolio Modernization

  • Tools and techniques to uncover app modernization patterns you can replicate 
  • Reduce risk while accelerating your migration initiative 
  • Quickly containerize your apps to new infrastructure with minimum downtime

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

  • Simplify platform operations with simplified cluster lifecycle management with cluster class, unified API for on-premises & multi-cloud runtimes, lifecycle management of EKS clusters 
  • Secure data and applications with support for customer owned enterprise certificate authorities and registries, defend against bots with the ability to identify, classify & protect against bot attacks, new service mesh capabilities that enable GitOps and multi-cloud Kubernetes cluster discovery and onboarding
  • Optimize infrastructure and workloads with unified observability that centralizes logs, metrics and alerts for real-time troubleshooting and increasing visibility for operations at scale

Cloud & Edge Infrastructure

Next-Gen SD-WAN and SASE

  • Transform your business by connecting distributed clouds and workers with secure, reliable access 
  • Bring networking and edge compute together for modern applications  

New VMware SD-WAN Client

  • Optimize last-mile connectivity to workers anywhere 
  • Replace inflexible and expensive VPN hardware with a secure, cloud-based access solution 

VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal

  • VMware and Equinix are co-engineering a new cloud solution
  • Located in the proximity of prime business centers and delivered, operated and supported by VMware
  • Addressing the demands of latency-sensitive applications where data locality matters, with operational consistency and high-speed connectivity across clouds


  • Supercharge productivity with admin services
  • Accelerate innovation with developer services
  • Transform on-premises infrastructure with cloud integration

vSphere 8

  • Bring benefits of the cloud to on-premises workloads
  • Supercharge workload performance & enhance operational efficiency
  • Accelerate innovation for DevOps teams

vSAN 8

  • Experience breakthrough performance and hyper storage efficiency
  • Extract the highest level of performance and efficiency from next-generation storage devices through vSAN Express Storage Architecture
  • Reduce storage TCO and price per performance with new built-in storage efficiencies

VMware Cloud Flex Storage

  • Achieve greater flexibility by scaling storage capacity without adding hosts
  • Simplify operations with a consistent experience between VMware Cloud Flex Storage and VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Benefit from cloud economics by paying for only the resources you consume

VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Start small with a new consumption model - VMware Cloud Flex Compute
  • Scale storage independent of compute and lower TCO using integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP


VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts

  • Get a fully managed Infrastructure Service as an alternative to capital IT refresh
  • Extend VMware Cloud on AWS deployments on-premises for latency or Sovereignty- sensitive workloads
  • Gain access to AWS’s extensive native cloud services portfolio

VMware Cloud Foundation+

  • Transform on-premises infrastructure with VMware Cloud Foundation+ 
  • New subscription and cloud-connected model for maximum flexibility
  • Includes vSphere+ and vSAN+


VMware Edge Compute Stack 2.0

  • Build, run, manage, connect and protect your modern, existing, and future edge-native applications, across many sites with limited resources on an integrated edge compute stack
  • Now available in T-shirt sizes to fit any edge need and with AIOps for deep visibility into the user experience without the need to undertake any physical or virtual “IT visit” 

VMware SASE App Catalog

  • Benefit from pre-built integrations with technology partners, enabling you to easily use VMware SASE products with your environment


VMware Private Mobile Network

  • A managed service platform for providers to deliver robust private mobile connectivity to the enterprise
  • Unified cloud management, leveraging VMware SASE

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

  • Accelerate application and infrastructure modernization by deploying Tanzu Standard on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
  • Discover the new features on computing, security, and storage with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution


Google Cloud VMware Engine

  • Speed application and infrastructure modernization with Tanzu Standard
  • Accelerate cloud transformation with Google Cloud VMware Engine as part of VMware Cloud Universal

VMware Cloud Web Security

  • Combines functionality of Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Data Loss Prevention to protect users as they access SaaS and web apps while working anywhere
  • Now offers additional deployment flexibility independent of network and endpoint management solutions


VMware SD-WAN FedRAMP Certification

  • Achieved FedRAMP High Authorization with VMware SD-WAN on AWS GovCloud
  • Extends secure, modern networking to all levels of government and critical infrastructure sectors

VMware Edge Network Intelligence

  • An AIOps solution of VMware SASE that gives deep visibility into the user experience without the need to undertake any physical or virtual “IT visit”
  • New integration with Microsoft Teams provides enhanced visibility and performance metrics


VMware Cloud Universal

  • Expansive subscription solution choice to modernize applications, operations and infrastructure across public, private/hybrid clouds
  • New VMware Cloud Universal Essentials offers personalized consumption guidance

VMware Cross-Cloud Services Speed Cloud Transformation

  • Build and operate a cloud native platform  
  • Accelerate and simplify cloud transformation  
  • Secure and engage the hybrid workforce  

Announcing VMware Ransomware Recovery for Cloud DR

  • Purpose-built ransomware recovery solution 
  • Specialized ransomware recovery workflow with embedded scanning of recovery points 
  • Automate recovery point identification, scanning and restore

Azure VMware Solution

  • An Azure service jointly engineered by VMware and Microsoft to simplify migration and modernization of apps on the Azure cloud 
  • Learn about new options for storage, management, and networking, plus new Azure regions and instance sizes

Anywhere Workspace

Digital Employee Experience

  • Deliver, measure, analyze, and remediate hybrid work experiences  
  • Support for digital employee experience solutions for a broad range of devices and use cases – including frontline workers, unmanaged devices, and third-party managed devices 

Secure the Hybrid Workforce

  • Optimize security while providing an exceptional employee experience
  • Support a complete array of use cases, including unmanaged Windows and macOS laptops with Workspace ONE Tunnel
  • Additional authentication options to enable additional passwordless experiences

VMware Horizon

  • Horizon next-generation hybrid DaaS architecture now Generally Available
  • New Horizon Managed Desktop offers Day-2 management simplicity and enables customers to get value in the cloud as quickly as possible
  • Published Apps On Demand dramatically changes the app management paradigm
  • Continued collaboration with cloud providers to accelerate and simplify DaaS

Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

  • Use the simplicity and power of Freestyle Orchestrator for additional platforms and scenarios across Anywhere Workspace and third-party integrations
  • Automate more processes, taking advantage of data science
  • Enable new shared device use cases with multi-user support for Windows

VMware Cross-Cloud Services Speed Cloud Transformation

  • Build and operate a cloud native platform  
  • Accelerate and simplify cloud transformation  
  • Secure and engage the hybrid workforce  

Learn About Our Announcements in Depth at the EUC Blog

  • Get the latest news and thought leadership on Digital Employee Experience, securing hybrid work, Workspace ONE, and VMware Horizon.

Security & Networking

Introducing VMware Carbon Black XDR

  • Add network visibility and detection to EDR and strengthen your lateral security—with no changes to infrastructure or endpoints 
  • Transform a fleet of endpoints into a distributed network sensor 
  • Deliver pervasive visibility across endpoints and networks. 

VMware Contexa: Cloud-Delivered Threat Intelligence

  • VMware Contexa sees what others don’t—from the user, the device, the network, the runtime to the data—powering VMware Security to stop threats others can’t
  • Contexa can meet you where you are and extend your security capabilities today

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Achieves FedRAMP High Authorization 

  • VMware Carbon Black Cloud achieves the designation from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program  
  • Solidifies VMware Carbon Black Cloud’s position as a trusted security platform helping the U.S. government and other federal, state, and local agencies protect its most critical assets 

Advanced Workload Protection for AWS

  • Prevent attacks on your most valuable assets with unified visibility and security for cloud workloads
  • Protect workloads running on AWS, VMware Cloud and on-premises with a single solution and console
  • Easy onboarding and setup with the hardening, prevention, detection and response capabilities required to keep cloud workloads secure

Multilayer Ransomware Defense

  • Use AI/ML to detect beaconing, anomalous internal file transfers and unusual traffic patterns of ransomware
  • Analyze all file behaviors with full system emulation and use AI to detect malicious code 
  • Enable SOC teams to quickly triage advanced threats by automatically correlating and mapping ransomware activities to MITRE ATT&CK

VMware Carbon Black App Control Introduces Content Inspection

  • Content-based Inspection opens up a new world of flexibility and control to your default deny security posture
  • Leverage Yara rules in conjunction with App Control’s native custom rules to help approve and ban files

Project Watch: A New Approach in Multi-Cloud

  • Advanced app to app networking and security policy controls to help with continuous risk and compliance assessment
  • Will help network security and compliance teams to continuously observe, assess, and dynamically mitigate risk and compliance problems in composite multi-cloud applications

DPU-based Acceleration for NSX

  • Implement high performance NSX networking and security on Data Processing Units connected to the hosts
  • Free up host computing resources and enable accelerated networking and enhanced observability by offloading NSX from the hypervisor to DPU
  • Preserve existing NSX user experience and support leading NIC vendors and server OEMs

Introducing Project Northstar

  • Networking SaaS offering a set of on-demand hybrid and multi-cloud services, end-to-end visibility, and controls 
  • Use a cloud console to instantly access networking and security services for on-prem and VMware cloud deployments 
  • Cloud-delivered SaaS services will speed up time to market, minimize operational overhead, and deliver strong multi-cloud security

vRealize Network Insight 6.7

  • New IPv6 deployment and application traffic analysis support for NSX and vCenter
  • More end-to-end visibility of NSX Advanced Load Balancer with vRealize Network Insight Universal federation
  • Expanded visibility integration of VMware HCX for better monitoring and troubleshooting

VMware NSX ALB Offers Web App Security

  • Single platform for load balancing, GSLB, web application firewall and ingress security
  • Comprehensive security stack that includes bot management, malware detection, security analytics, DDoS protection, SSL/TLS encryption and more

Tanzu Service Mesh Supports Antrea, Enhances App Resiliency

  • Extends multi-cloud functionality, now supporting integration with Antrea
  • Enables a single global namespace and unified policy definition and enforcement for all container-based applications
  • Provides enterprise-grade service mesh capabilities that address critical application needs across connectivity, security, visibility, and scale

Cloud Management

Announcing Unified Multi-Cloud Management

  • One platform — Manage applications and clouds in a single platform with a common data model
  • One license — Cost, performance, secure configuration, and delivery automation available in one, flexible model  
  • One brand — VMware vRealize and CloudHealth by VMware are now VMware Aria

Introducing VMware vCloud Suite+

  • Experience natively integrated cloud connectivity in VMware Aria Universal Suite and vSphere+
  • Instantly access VMware Cloud capacity and deploy VMware Cross-Cloud Services with vSphere+ and integrated Aria solutions

VMware Aria Automation Guardrails Service

  • Templatized cloud environments and policy as code
  • Visibility of all cloud environments in and out of management, violations, and drift
  • Utilize third party or home-grown remediations against violations

Tech Preview of Project Amadeus Service

  • View consolidated, correlated, and intuitive insights with reconciled inventory
  • Actionable recommendations for insights providing closed loop remediation and optimization
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication across teams

Tech Preview of Migration Assessment Service

  • Conduct a migration assessment by discovering assets
  • Analyze network traffic dependencies and rank migration waves
  • Assess cloud TCO/ROI to achieve business goals 

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