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Announcing Workload Protection for AWS

Prevent attacks on your most valuable assets with unified visibility and security for cloud workloads running on AWS through a single console.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Products

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Endpoint and Workload Protection Platform

See more and stop more attacks with a platform that adapts to your unique environment and the evolving threat landscape.

VMware Carbon Black Enterprise EDR

Threat Hunting and Incident Response

Cloud-native threat hunting and incident response (IR) solution delivering continuous visibility for security operation centers (SOC) and IR teams.

VMware Carbon Black Managed Detection and Response

24x7 Threat Monitoring and Communication

Gain insight and respond faster to attacks with our team of threat experts who provide validation, context into root cause, and rapid responses.

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint

Next-Generation Antivirus and Behavioral EDR

Effective endpoint protection that combines prevention and automated detection to defend against today’s advanced cyber-attacks.

VMware Carbon Black Container

Full Lifecycle Container Security

Enable continuous visibility, security, and compliance for the full lifecycle of containers to achieve simple, secure Kubernetes environments at scale.

VMware Carbon Black Workload

Cloud Workload Protection

Operationalize and unify security for workloads running in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

VMware Carbon Black Audit and Remediation

Real-time Device Assessment and Remediation

Easily audit current system state to track and harden the security posture of all your protected endpoints and workloads.

VMware Carbon Black On-Premises Products

VMware Carbon Black App Control

Application Control and Critical infrastructure protection

Lock down servers and critical systems, prevent unwanted changes and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory mandates.

  • Enable more granular control of your security policy with Content-based Inspection.

VMware Carbon Black EDR

Detect and Respond to Advanced Attacks at Scale

Threat hunting and incident response (IR) solution delivers continuous visibility into hybrid deployments.

  • Collect comprehensive telemetry with critical threat intel to automatically detect suspicious behavior.
  • Isolate infected systems and remove malicious files with detailed forensic data for post-incident investigation.

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