Cloud Scale Networking

Multi-site Management

Manage your entire network as a single entity while keeping configuration and operational state synchronized across all locations with NSX Global Manager.


Simplified Networking and Security within vCenter

Streamline NSX deployment with the NSX console built directly into vCenter providing guided workflows and protection for every VM without changes to existing vSphere networking.


Reduce your networking infrastructure footprint while maintaining complete data plane tenant and services isolation within a VRF on the NSX Edge.

Multi-Cloud Security

Minimize the Risk of Ransomware

Proactively identify known and unknown threats across clouds based on signatures and behavior. Rapidly respond to malicious activities and put a stop to lateral movement.

Accelerate the Journey to Zero Trust

Gain unparalleled visibility into applications and traffic flows across clouds to eliminate blind spots, quickly identify security risks, and get AI-assisted policy recommendations that accelerate micro-segmentation.

Elevate your SOC

Correlate threat signals from multiple sources across clouds and visualize threat campaigns using the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Reduce the burden on your SOC with high-fidelity alerts, which help in minimizing false positives and enable security teams to quickly understand the scope of threats and prioritize their response.

Networking and Security for Modern Applications

Networking for vSphere with Kubernetes

Unlock a rich set of networking capabilities within vSphere with Kubernetes including distributed switching and routing, firewalling, load balancing, and more.

Consistent Policy and Visibility across Containers and VMs

Simplify multi-cluster policy creation and enforcement for VMs and containers with NSX and Antrea.

Flexible Deployment Options for Container Networking

Use the full breadth of NSX networking and security features across VMware vSphere with Kubernetes, VMware Tanzu, upstream Kubernetes, and OpenShift.

Operational Simplicity

Scaling Network Automation with NSX Federation and VMware Aria Automation

Leverage NSX Federation and Aria Automation 8.5 to create version-controlled network configuration files and reusable infrastructure or application templates with built-in networking and security services, that can be applied across NSX data center environments in a scalable manner.

Policy Enhancements with Terraform Provider & Ansible Module

Extend the use of Terraform Provider and Ansible Modules, two of the most widely used automation tools, for config generation and deployment.

Advanced Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Gain real-world network monitoring & troubleshooting with live traffic analysis, selective port mirroring, times series metrics, and Traceflow support.

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