Embrace the Power and Flexibility of Android Enterprise

Workspace ONE and Android join together to deliver a solution that brings comprehensive mobility and secure access to device and app management. Admins and users alike can support any mobile use case and maintain a fully connected organization with Android’s extensive range of devices and Workspace ONE’s flexible management options.

Flexible Device Choices

Simplify experiences that serve the entire organization with a broad range of Android smartphones, tablets and ruggedized devices.

Simple and Secure App Access

Provide employees with easy-to-access secure, single sign-on (SSO) to internal, public, purchased, web and remote apps from an intelligent self-service workspace.

Protection for Sensitive Data and Resources

Keep internal resources safe at-rest and in-transit with the built-in security of Android, bringing enterprise security and automated compliance remediation to your most sensitive data.

Unified Endpoint Management

Reduce IT complexity and manage Android devices alongside all other mobile, desktop, rugged, and IoT devices with industry-leading unified endpoint management.

Industry-Leading Android Management

Flexible Deployment

Enable day-one productivity with intuitive user registration flows and bulk enrollment methods including EMM identifier, QR code, zero-touch enrollment, and Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Experience Assurance and Productivity

Maximize employee engagement and productivity with easy, secure access to business applications with secure productivity apps and a self-service workspace.

Zero-Day Support

With OEMConfig and unique Data-Driven UI, get zero-day support for OEM-specific configurations that go beyond what is available natively in Android Enterprise.

Automated Migration

In a few easy steps, simplify and speed migration of legacy Android devices to Android Enterprise from within the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Personalized Use Cases

Secure every use case with features to lock devices into a single-/multi-app mode, customize user interface layout and branding, and prevent user access to Android settings with Workspace ONE Launcher.

Trusted Privacy

Provide transparency and peace of mind for users that personal data is kept private and separate from the work data visible to IT.

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