Enable and Secure ChromeOS

Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education draw familiar benefits from ChromeOS and Chrome Browser to deliver simple and secure mobile computing experiences in the enterprise or the classroom. These benefits combined with a consumer-simple digital workspace that streamlines single sign-on access to all user apps and data make ChromeOS and Workspace ONE the ideal option for productivity across many use cases.

Simplified Onboarding

Easily onboard Chrome devices out-of-the-box using enterprise or school credentials to reduce support tickets and help desk calls. Support multiple deployment modes including standard, kiosk, or multi-user.

Enable Anytime Access

Combine Horizon virtual apps and desktops with ChromeOS to deliver a secure and cost-effective solution that keeps users connected and productive, wherever they work.

Reduce IT Complexity

Reduce IT complexity and manage Chrome devices alongside all other mobile, desktop, rugged, and IoT devices with industry-leading unified endpoint management.

End-to-End Security

Protect critical resources with enterprise-grade security and DLP, including full certificate lifecycle management and built-in hardware-based security.

Chromebook Unified Endpoint Management

Browser Extensions

Centrally manage Chrome browser extensions and bookmarks. Add unique values, like certificate lifecycle and displaying logged in users with Workspace ONE UEM Extension.

Security Profiles

Manage security and privacy profiles over-the-air, including automatic updates, restricted URLs, apps and extensions, Incognito mode and more.

Certificate Lifecycle

Unique security features enable full certificate lifecycle management with user- and device-based assignment and real-time insights into install status and expiration dates.

Virtual Windows Desktops

With VMware Horizon, get a secure and cost-effective platform to deliver, manage, and monitor virtual desktops and apps for Chrome devices.

Digital Workspace

Chrome browser-based Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub offers users a centralized location for apps, resources, notifications, and support.

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