Experience Assurance, Anywhere

Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) is an end user experience management software that empowers you to measure, analyze and remediate employee experience, from anywhere and on any device. By leveraging machine learning (ML) models, DEEM enables you to move from reactive to proactive IT, cut through the noise and focus on what matters most.

Engaged and Productive Employees

Hassle-free digital experiences minimize disruption, frustration and time spent on opening tickets and solving issues. Happy employees are more productive and engaged and drive better business outcomes.

Increased Efficiency and Agility

Proactively identify issues or predict them before users notice, quickly troubleshoot with contextual data, and resolve with automation. Reduce the number of tickets and the time spent on resolving tickets.

Reduced Time to Resolution

Leverage in-context dashboards and reports to help IT admins focus root cause analysis efforts with relevant data, breadcrumbs, and stack traces capabilities. Resolve issues quickly with policy-based workflows.

Key Features

Employee Experience Score

Gain at-a-glance insight into employee experience across any app, OS and endpoint device. Quickly surface users, apps and devices with poor experience that need your attention.

App Utilization and Rationalization

Measure app adoption and engagement with insights into app usage such as daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU) as well as app updates status. Make data-driven decisions on app deployment and migration.


Leverage machine learning models to set up alerts and get insights based on learnt behavior. Eliminate the guess work and effort involved in setting up thresholds. Cut through the noise by surfacing only when values are outside a normal range.

App Performance and OS Stability

Monitor app performance and OS stability to identify and quickly resolve issues that negatively impact experience such as boot/shutdown duration, BSOD, crashes and hangs and more.

Mobile App Analytics

Leverage mobile app analytics to understand how users navigate your app, track most critical user flows, identify crashes, errors and overall performance issues, and prioritize fixes.

Employee Sentiment

Gather employee sentiment through customized and contextual surveys. Get timely insights into overall employee experience beyond quantitative performance metrics, and set up workflows based on survey responses.

Device Health and Performance

Track device health across mobile and physical and virtual desktops. Surface hardware degradation such as battery life or memory capacity. Automate a replacement and minimize loss of productivity.

Guided Root Cause Analysis

Automate incident management with contextual dashboards that surface diagnostic information relevant to the specific issue. Troubleshoot and collaborate with colleagues in a single location, reducing time to resolution.

Workflow Orchestration

Orchestrate and automate IT tasks, resolve issues, and send user notifications with Freestyle Orchestrator, a powerful, no/low-code orchestration platform. Extend workflows to third-party tools across your environment via REST API.

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