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Migrating from Citrix to VMware?

Top 4 adoption and change management best practices for a successful rollout.

Drive Value with Workspace ONE Adoption Tools

Maximize value from your investments in Workspace ONE and Horizon by driving end user adoption. An adoption strategy ensures that employees embrace the new platform as part of their daily work experience, understand the benefit of the new tools at their disposal and have the necessary support to become proficient, enhancing their competencies, workplace satisfaction, and value to the organization. Don’t leave success to chance! Browse VMware customer adoption resources.

Build An Adoption Program

Drive user adoption with the Workspace ONE Adoption Program Guide. The guide includes step-by-step instructions to create and run an adoption campaign, customer adoption best practices on each step, schedules, trackers, and scorecards templates.

Create Your Adoption Strategy and User Communications

Using the Adoption Kit Wizard, create a plan for your adoption strategy based on a pre-designed template and customize FAQ documents, Intelligent Hub enrollment guides and promotional web and email banners for your adoption campaigns in minutes.

Establish Your Success KPIs

Measure the impact of your digital workspace initiatives with metrics focused on business value, employee experience and productivity. Learn how to define, set and track your KPIs.

Empower Your Employees

Education is the key to successful user adoption. The Workspace ONE User Zone allow your users to see the experience and benefits of Intelligent Hub and the productivity apps through “easy to digest” content and short videos. This website is a great companion to the Adoption Kits!

Adoption Kits: Templates and Resources

Digital Workspace Experience Kit

Focusing on the full digital workspace experience, use this kit to introduce your users to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, the Productivity Apps and Horizon. Available in 8 languages.

Intelligent Hub Kit

Introduce and educate users on getting started with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app. Available in 8 languages.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Kit

Privacy is a concern when using personal devices. This kit introduces users to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub while addressing their privacy concerns directly. Available in 8 languages.

Productivity Apps Kit

Introduce and promote the Workspace ONE Productivity Apps (Boxer, Content and Web) with this kit. Available in 8 languages.

Horizon Kit

Introduce and guide users on how to get started using Horizon with this Adoption Kit. Available in 8 languages.

Windows Onboarding Kit

This kit includes user onboarding instructions and guidance for factory-provisioned Windows devices.

Related Resources

Boost Adoption with a Community of Champions

Boost Adoption with a Community of Champions

Learn how champions can help with user adoption and engagement.

Research Finds Campaigns Increase Adoption

Boosting Adoption of Digital Workspace Solutions

VMware and Foundry surveyed 560 IT and business leaders in the United States, Europe, and Australia to uncover their goals and best practices for adopting digital workspace software.

Adoption and Change Management Programs Are Key to Success, Research Reveals

Adoption and Change Management Strategies Are Key to Success, Research Reveals

ACM programs boost the success of digital workspace projects by supporting critical personnel—including IT administrators and end users—through the change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Changing the way employees work can be hard even in the most dynamic organizations! In a digital workspace project, after a successful technology roll out, you will need to explain to users the benefits that Workspace ONE brings to the organization and to them personally, to make sure they engage enthusiastically. 

The fastest way to full value realization for your project is to launch your adoption program at the same time of your technology roll out. Starting later will still provide benefits but will require a longer timeframe.

Adopting new digital workspace technologies requires employees and IT teams to change the way they work. Change management is the discipline that helps individuals and teams to embrace change. The VMware Workspace ONE adoption program is based on change management principles.

Typically, the service owner or the success owner have a vested interest in adoption, as they will be the ones tasked to track success KPIs for the project. However, many others can contribute to an effective adoption program. See the section “Establish The Core Campaign Team” in the Adoption Program Guide.

  •   Browse Tech Zone for practical guidance around VMware technology adoption.
  •   Visit VMware Learning for technical training options.
  •   Explore Success 360 for a range of VMware adoption services.
  •   Reach out to a VMware partner for technology and employee adoption services.

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