IT Orchestration for the Modern Admin

Revolutionize your IT environment with a modern platform for designing and orchestrating any IT task to achieve the desired outcomes for your organization.

Endless Possibilities

Unlock complex use cases and achieve any IT outcome that fit the dynamic deployment requirements of your organization with a modern and easy to use platform to orchestrate the most complex IT tasks.

Efficient and Productive IT

Streamline IT processes and everyday tasks with workflow orchestration and automation. 

Built for the Modern IT Admin

Design IT workflows with a low code, canvas user interface with drag and drop of environment resources and granular conditions.

Simplified IT Environment

Transform your IT environment with a flexible platform that spans across your entire ecosystem with prebuilt integrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Freestyle Orchestrator is a low-code IT orchestration platform that enables administrators create complex workflows that fit the dynamic deployment requirements of their organization. Admins can use these workflows to manage resources such as devices, applications, profiles and scripts across a sequence of conditional steps based upon granular criteria.

Following are some examples for use cases with Freestyle Orchestrator:

  • Device onboarding – deploy complex onboarding workflows for your Windows 10 devices comprised of various manufacturers, makes, and models.
  • State Management – remediate a number of endpoints that meet a set specific condition, for example based on a Sensor value. 
  • App sequencing – deploy apps in a certain order, or ensure that any number of security applications and configurations are applied prior to deploying an app.

Freestyle Orchestrator for device and app management is available for Workspace ONE UEM customers. For more information on availability and how to get access, please see here.

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