Improve Security and Employee Satisfaction with Identity and Access Management

Quickly and easily provision apps, apply conditional access controls, and enable secure single sign-on (SSO) to SaaS, web, cloud and native mobile apps using a self-service catalog with VMware Identity Manager, our identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution available as part of VMware Workspace ONE.

Identity Management and the Mobile Cloud Era

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Identity Management and the Mobile Cloud Era

Provide seamless SSO to any app on any device, in the cloud or your own data center.

The Identity-Defined Workspace

The Identity-Defined Workspace

Enable one-touch access without sacrificing security with VMware Workspace ONE.

What VMware Identity Manager Provides

Enterprise SSO

Secure and simplify access to all apps with the included identity provider or integrate with existing identity providers.

Identity Management with Conditional Access

Establish trust between users, devices and apps for a seamless user experience. Powerful conditional access controls leverage Workspace ONE device enrollment and SSO adaptors.

Self-Service App Catalog

Build a branded self-service app store for employees to subscribe to apps across all devices with automated provisioning.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Take advantage of built-in MFA or integrate with existing MFA providers for extra security without compromising end-user experience.


Simplify Business Mobility with One Touch from Any Device

Extend your on-premises directory infrastructure to provide a seamless SSO experience to web, mobile, SaaS and legacy applications.

Empower Employees with a Self-Service App Store

Manage the complete user lifecycle with a custom brandable launcher and app store application provisioning, as well as user analytics to monitor and manage resources.

Optimize User Experience and Security with Workspace ONE

With integrated access control, app management and multi-platform Unified Endpoint Management, powered by AirWatch, Workspace ONE enables simple and secure access to any app on any device.

Integrate and Extend Identity Capabilities

Continue to use existing investments in identity and accelerate the adoption of business-critical apps, including Office 365.