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Learn more about the key features and benefits of Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps.

Mobile App Analytics and Performance Demo

Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps delivers app analytics and performance for your consumer facing mobile applications. Watch this demo to learn how it can help you track app engagement, user flows, errors, crashes and more.


Visibility into App Adoption and Engagement

Get visibility into monthly and daily active users (MAU, DAU), trends and ratios.

Data to Help Increase Conversion

Understand how users navigate through your app. Identify the most important flows in your app and determine the impact of app crashes and errors to reduce churn.

Mobile App Analytics

Analyze and quantify app performance to optimize user experience and increase conversions.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) capabilities

Troubleshoot errors and perform root cause analysis with stack traces that show you exactly where errors happen within your code, and breadcrumbs that show you the steps taken.


User Flows

Track most critical user interactions in your app such as login, checkout and billing to prioritize development efforts for what is most important for your business.

Crash and Error Monitoring

Monitor app crashes and errors and get diagnostics data on app version, OS, device and users to simplify root cause analysis.

Breadcrumbs and Stack traces

Accelerate troubleshooting with breadcrumbs and stack traces to understand where users have issues and speed up fixes. 

Network Insights

Detect network performance issues and outages by monitoring response time, error rates, request volume and data in/out.

Alerts (Coming Soon)

Proactively identify issues before they affect end user experience by setting up alerts based on any metric and user flow.

Dashboards and Reports

Create dashboards, widgets, and drill down reports to get quick insights with rich visualization.

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