The Intelligence Driving an Anywhere Workspace

Workspace ONE Intelligence is the core data platform for the anywhere workspace. It aggregates, correlates, and analyzes data from multiple sources and delivers actionable insights across any app and any device. Empowering organization to transform from reactive to proactive IT , improve digital employee experience, strengthen security risk compliance, and optimize IT operations.

Improve Employee Experience

Monitor digital workspace metrics that impact employee experience. Proactively identify issues, perform root cause analysis, and quickly provide a fix.

Orchestrate Complex IT Tasks

Automate mundane IT tasks and speed up issue resolution with a powerful, modern, low code workflow orchestration platform that spans across internal and third-party tools in your environment.

Enable Zero Trust

Discover and respond to new security threats and vulnerabilities, and continuously verify risk based on user behavior and device context.

Make Smarter and Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage machine learning models based on a rich set of data points to gain deep insights across your cross-platform digital workspace, including desktop and mobile devices, OS, applications, and users.

What Workspace ONE Intelligence Delivers

Actionable Insights

Aggregate and correlate data from multiple sources across your digital workspace to visualize environment KPIs, understand trends and gain meaningful insights.

Workflow Orchestration with Freestyle Orchestrator

Orchestrate and automate IT tasks with an intuitive low code canvas UI. Extend workflows to your favorite third-party apps.

Digital Employee Experience Management

Track a rich set of metrics like device health, OS, app performance, users, and network; proactively identify issues; troubleshoot and remediate with automation.

Risk Analytics

Correlate and analyze data from a variety of data sources and leverage machine learning to calculate user risk score based on user activity and device context.

Virtual Endpoints Monitoring

Gain insights and visibility across your virtual desktops and applications and monitor the health and performance of your virtual environment.

Threat Mitigation

Aggregate threat data from external sources like CVE lists and Workspace ONE Trust Network, analyze risk in-context to your environment and fix with automation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workspace ONE Intelligence delivers insights, analytics and automation for the Digital Workspace. It provides robust visibility into security risk and digital employee experience through dashboards and reports, with an automation engine that enables faster, policy-based and data driven actions.

Workspace ONE Intelligence is a service for the Workspace ONE platform. Customers can get it as part of Workspace ONE Enterprise or purchase it as an add-on for Workspace ONE Advanced/Standard. For more details contact your sales team.

Our customers leverage Workspace ONE Intelligence for a variety of use cases, here are some examples:

- Device health monitoring

- App analytics and performance

- OS tracking

- Windows 10 compliance

- CVE management

- Conditional access

- And many more!

Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) is a set of capabilities available with Workspace ONE Intelligence that enable IT admins to better understand factors and digital workspace KPIs impacting employee experience and take actions to fix them. To learn more visit here.

Risk analytics analyzes data from a variety of sources to identify behaviors that may represent risk. By leveraging machine learning, it calculates user’s risk score based on device context and user behavior, enabling continuous verification and conditional access, which are central to Zero Trust.

Workspace ONE Trust Network is a framework for leading security partners to integrate with Workspace ONE Intelligence and ingest threat data into the platform. Admins can visualize threats in-context to their environment and take actions, increasing the overall security posture in the organization.

Yes, through Custom Connectors in Workspace ONE Intelligence customers can create integration with any third party and custom tools that support REST APIs. Out of the box integrations include ServiceNow and Slack.

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