VMware Named a Leader in 2022 IDC MarketScape for UEM for Apple Devices

 Access an excerpt to see why we believe the IDC MarketScape positioned us as a Leader.

Automate iOS Device Management

Accelerate your Apple at Work BYO, corporate-owned, or shared device programs with Workspace ONE. Gain a competitive advantage with automated iOS device management. Onboard iOS devices with zero IT touch, configure work profiles and protect work data over-the-air. Empower employees with an intelligent self-service workspace with built-in privacy.

Device Lifecycle Management

Integrate with Apple Business Manager to onboard devices quickly and at scale. Automate policy and patch lifecycle. Unify management of iPhone, iPad and iPod alongside your Mac and Apple TV.

Security and Privacy

Strengthen security posture and protect work data with over-the-air policy controls. Gain rich analytics into devices using work resources, while restricting IT’s access to users’ personal information.

App Management

Manage the full app lifecycle – procurement to deployment – across any app on any iOS device. Simplify app distribution with silent, prompted, or self-service install via a secure enterprise catalog.

Increase Assurance and Productivity

Delightful employee experience on any iOS device, no matter where employees work, by offering a self-service unified app catalog with SSO, Assist remote support and Privacy Guard for user data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Automated, out-of-the-box device activation and configuration with User Enrollment.
  2. Unified app catalog enables self-service for users as well as admin-controlled app download and management.
  3. Shared device mode allows multiple users to customize experiences via check-in/check-out.

User enrollment is a new BYOD enrollment scenario with an intense focus on user privacy. On a user-enrolled device, organizations can enable the user’s work experience by providing apps, content, and SSO, but do not gain access to full device management or device-unique identifying information.

The newest method is enrolling with Apple's User Enrollment, a method that automatically separates work and personal data on devices. It protects user's privacy while securing enterprise resources. Or users can gain access to apps and other resources by logging into Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Workspace ONE uses the native iOS Kerberos capabilities along with technology developed in VMware Workspace ONE Access that provides a bridge between SAML and Kerberos for authentication. Check out this whitepaper for more information.

iPads can be shared between users with a check-in and check-out process. With Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, users sign-in to an iOS device to use the apps and content to which they’re assigned, then sign-out when they’re done (making the iOS device ready for the next user).

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub provides a consistent experience across all Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS) with a unified app catalog – consisting of SaaS, Native and Virtual apps with Single Sign On. It is a one-stop shop for resources including People Search, Support and corporate communication.

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