Support Linux Workstations and IoT Endpoints at Scale

Linux has experienced significant growth in recent years, particularly when it comes to developer laptops and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints. As the Linux ecosystem continues to expand, its critical IT organizations are equipped to manage such deployments. Workspace ONE is the only unified endpoint management (UEM) platform built to address the unique management requirements of Linux endpoints, regardless of their architecture or distribution. With Workspace ONE, IT can easily enroll, manage, and support any Linux endpoint at scale—alongside existing device deployments—from a single console.

Distribution-Agnostic Support

Manage any x86 or ARM-based Linux distribution, including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, openSUSE, Raspbian, Red Hat, Ubuntu and more.

Streamlined Enrollment and Configuration

Quickly onboard devices with scripted or user-initiated command line enrollment and configure Wi-Fi, manage the certificate lifecycle, and enable advanced scripting options for power users.

Integrated Analytics

Leverage Workspace ONE Intelligence to uncover insights and drive automation based on time-based trends, historical data, and sensors.  

Remote Support

Use Workspace ONE Assist to remotely assist employees with workstation issues and troubleshoot unattended IoT endpoints to reduce downtime.

Workspace ONE for Linux Features

End-to-End Management

Enroll endpoints, enable asset tagging and tracking, access critical device and network info and troubleshooting logs, and perform enterprise or device wipe commands—all from a single console.

Wi-Fi Configuration

Configure SSID, security type, and credentials, including certificates.

Credentials Configuration

Send certificates to devices to enable secure access to corporate resources.

Custom Configuration

Create custom payloads that include Open Source Puppet manifests to execute customized scripts and actions on devices.

Support for Workspace ONE Sensors

Create and assign sensors to track important custom device attributes within Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Remote Support for Remote Shell and Files

Easily manage device files and folders and access the command line to diagnose and troubleshoot issues within a Workspace ONE Assist remote session.

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