Protecting Employee Privacy with Workspace ONE Privacy Guard

Employee privacy is a crucial and fundamental part of your organization’s journey to digital transformation. Built into the core of the Workspace ONE platform, Workspace ONE Privacy Guard gives you the tools you need to configure and control data collection, comply with applicable privacy laws, and establish a consistent framework of trust between you and your employees. Whether you are managing corporate-owned or BYO devices on various operating systems, Workspace ONE Privacy Guard ensures every device, employee and use case is protected.

Workspace ONE Privacy Guard Overview and Demo

Employee Privacy Experience

Establish trust with employees through transparent privacy communications built into all user facing Workspace ONE tools.

Workspace ONE Privacy SDK

Create a seamless privacy experience across both public and third-party apps with the Workspace ONE Privacy SDK.

Workspace ONE and Privacy


Privacy remains front and center at VMware and within the Workspace ONE platform. Workspace ONE product development follows Privacy-by-Design principles to ensure privacy is proactively embedding into the product's core.


VMware is committed to providing industry-leading software that embraces commercial requirements, industry standards, and government certification programs. 


The separation of work and personal apps along with transparent communication around device control and data collection gives employees peace of mind and the freedom to access corporate resources on their device of choice.

Data Collection

Not all types of user-generated data is necessary for the deployment of the Workspace ONE. Control what data gets collected by the platform with easy to use configurations.

Privacy Guard Features

Employee Experience

Built into every Workspace ONE application, Privacy Guard notices present employees with clear and concise privacy-related information. These notices include device management status (Intelligent Hub only), app data collected, device permissions required for the app, and your company privacy policy which can be configured in the console.

Consistent Privacy Experience Across Apps

For internally built mobile applications, developers can leverage the Workspace ONE Privacy Software Development Kit (SDK) to deliver the same Privacy Guard notices. The Privacy SDK is available with any Workspace ONE license and only takes a few minutes to implement.

Privacy and Management Change Notices

Privacy Guard notices are presented to employees when they first open a Workspace ONE application and are accessible any time while the app is on the device. When a change occurs that impacts employee privacy, the employee is notified. This includes changes in enrollment status and changes in MDM or app container policies.

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