App and Cloud Modernization Services

Identify Outcomes and Create an ROI for Modernization

  • Assess the current state of your capabilities
  • Identify the gaps and steps needed to reach the desired business outcomes
  • Create an investment and ROI for closing the gaps and realizing your transformation
  • Project savings and improvements across cost, risk, revenue, velocity, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and social impact

Assess Your App Portfolio

  • Prioritize your apps based on business, technical, and organizational characteristics
  • Identify future-state infrastructure landing zones and optimum modernization strategies
  • Review existing software supply chain and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Deliver an outcome-based roadmap to begin executing your strategy in just weeks

Execute Your App Modernization Strategy

  • Refactor and rearchitect complex monolithic systems using our unique Swift Method, created by Tanzu Labs
  • Replatform applications to container-based infrastructure
  • Efficiently and reliably rehost/migrate applications to updated infrastructure

Implement a Modern App Platform

  • Create an app-aware, production-ready Kubernetes-based platform
  • Enable a dedicated platform engineering team to manage and develop your cloud native platform
  • Evolve capabilities to meet changing needs of your developers and applications and treat your platform like a product
  • Create a developer on-ramp for low-friction, self-service, and migration

Implement Multi-Cloud Platforms

  • Design, implement, and integrate on-premises and public cloud environments
  • Design and deploy software-defined networks and WANs, implement network segmentation, and deploy virtual load balancers
  • Implement next generation anti-virus, end point detection and response, and data center security
  • Establish governance and compliance strategies

Create Modern IT Teams, Dev Teams, and Practices

  • Automate cloud operations and management
  • Define IT services and provide access through APIs
  • Build pipelines and adopt DevSecOps practices to automate deployments, patching, upgrades, and integrate security
  • Adopt modern development methodologies test-driven development, CI/CD, and DevSecOps to create software faster, with integrated security


Benefit from a VMware Tanzu Expert on Your Team

Benefit from a VMware Tanzu Expert on Your Team

  • Accelerate time to value of your Tanzu investments with expert guidance and advice
  • Gain insights into new features and have your interests advocated within product teams
  • Mitigate risks with best practice reviews, scaling guidance, and upgrade and component interoperability planning and guidance
  • Optimize operations with reliability engineering best practices and by fully leveraging Tanzu tools

Other Professional Services

Cloud Infrastructure & Management

Plan, build, run and manage your multi-cloud environment

Anywhere Workspace

Achieve inspiring and productive employee experiences


Create software-defined networks and WANS and secure your apps and data


Transforming the safety of your system across every control point

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