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a strategic partner
to your business

You recognize the business agility benefits of becoming a service-oriented IT organization, leveraging hybrid cloud capabilities.
32%-49%*CapEx Savings
Up to 87%**OpEx Savings
80%RTO reduction

But the primary driver for the transition is agility: shortening time to market, rapidly addressing competitive challenges, and innovating new business models in today’s digital economy.
* August 2014 Taneja Group Analyst Report based on greenfield deployment of 2,500 VMs.
** March 2015 IT Automation Use Case associated with VMware NSX™: VMware Network Virtualization Business Case white paper.
† March 2015 Disaster Recovery Use Case associated with VMware NSX. VMware Network Virtualization Business Case white paper.

Build your
action plan

Most organizations want to take an evolutionary approach to this transition. They are looking for a clear path forward that defines and delineates specific solutions and actions in a progressive and achievable manner.

Explore the phases of the transformation into a strategic business partner, organized by the outcomes you need to achieve along the journey. Consider your next move, and see how VMware Professional Services can help along the way.
Phase 1Infrastructure Provider
Phase 2Service Provider
Phase 3Business Partner
Use the navigation below to explore the various phases of cloud maturity.

You have basic virtualization and possibly cloud capabilities in place. But your environment is operated in an ad‑hoc way.

Drive data center virtualization and standardization

  • Consolidate servers across multiple data centers and deploy a virtualized environment for business critical applications
  • Expand into software-defined storage
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • Virtualization Health Check, SDDC Design and Deploy Services

Streamline and automate data center operations

  • Manage thousands of virtual machines, physical servers and applications across data centers from a single console
  • Improve visibility and management of virtual infrastructure components to meet compliance regulations
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • Organization Design for SDDC
  • Operational Readiness Assessment
  • Performance and Capacity Management Design and Deploy Services

Focus on high availability and resilient infrastructure

  • Drive backup and replication across sites and to hybrid cloud
  • Deploy automated disaster recovery orchestration for VMware vSphere environments
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Design and Deploy Services
  • You have established a cloud environment based on underlying virtualized infrastructure
  • You have achieved some level of automation though some manual integration with existing IT processes (like change and configuration) is still required
  • You have established an initial set of roles, especially at the service owner level

Establish IaaS capabilities

  • Address the people and process changes required to deliver IT capabilities differently as an IT service provider: like service lifecycle processes, a self-service portal, and IaaS automated provisioning
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • Operations Transformation Services
  • Cloud Automation Design and Deploy Services
  • Cost Management Design and Deploy Services

Implement network virtualization to complete your software-defined data center transformation

  • Bring the operational model of virtualization to your network and transform the economics of network and security operations
  • View your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VM’s using a policy‑driven approach
  • Protect inside the perimeter
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • Network Virtualization Design and Deploy Services
  • Micro-Segmentation and Security Design and Deploy Services
  • You are operating a software-defined data center in at least one business unit or functional area, you have broken down functional silos as an organization model, and you are integrated with enterprise processes. As a result, you’re far more agile and responsive
  • From an operational point of view, you have created a standardized self-service catalog. You have established extensive automation, increasing responsiveness and reducing risk when provisioning, deploying, and managing services and infrastructure. Your financial management includes an understanding of cost, risk, compliance and business value

Extend app and infrastructure delivery automation

  • Building on your IaaS foundation, establish extensive automation to increase responsiveness and reduce risk when provisioning, deploying or managing services and infrastructure
  • Enable faster application delivery, leveraging DevOps best practices, by automating common tasks in a continuous delivery model and by providing Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Implement policy-based control to increase standardization and governance
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • Cloud Automation Design and Deploy Services
  • Cloud Business Management Design and Deploy Services

Take advantage of the potential of business mobility

  • Develop a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app on any device, integrating identity, applications and enterprise mobility management
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • VMware Horizon Design and Deploy Services
  • App Volumes Design and Deploy Services
  • AirWatch® Services

Build from IaaS transformation in place

  • Iteratively extend infrastructure service capabilities to other business units or functional areas
  • Iteratively add service capabilities like Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), building a DevOps foundation with operational, automated application stacks in the cloud
  • Actively market these services and their IT value within your business
VMware Professional Services to engage:
  • Operations Transformation for Cloud Automation and Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Business Management Services

Ready to realize the promise of your digital enterprise

At this stage, you have achieved measurable increases in IT responsiveness, efficiency and overall IT capacity, positioning you to transform your business across two key metrics:
  • Innovation: Convert IT from a cost center to business driver
  • Digital experience: Reach customers and employees with highly engaging experiences how, where, and when they want

Phase I

CapEx & OpEx


Phase II
Service Provider

Security &


Phase III
Business Partner

Customer & Employee
Data Center Virtualization & Standardization
Streamlined & Automated Data Center Operations
High Availability & Resilient Infrastructure
Network Virtualization Security
App & Infrastructure Delivery Automation
Business Mobility

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