Digital Workspace Services

Design The Employee Experience

  • Define, create and rollout personas tailored to the organization
  • Deploy federated identity services
  • Build a normalized inventory and standardize applications
  • Entitle persona users to applications via directory services

Build The Virtual Infrastructure

  • Configure virtual desktop infrastructure to support users
  • Create software packages to simplify deployment and management
  • Construct encryption and optimization protocols
  • Setup remote access to secure VDI environment

Build The Digital Workspace

  • Build, publish, and assign access lists to the unified application catalog
  • Allocate and configure devices and applications based on defined personas
  • Administer the environment using unified endpoint management
  • Automate OS refresh without impacting user installed apps

Create Operations and Management

  • Define, review and act upon monitoring and performance metrics
  • Configure automated update and control of any mobile device
  • Construct continuous integration /  continuous deployment for app delivery
  • Define new IT roles and deliver training

Develop an Outcome-Focused Roadmap

  • Align IT with business goals and objectives
  • Understand the gaps between your current and future state
  • Create a phased action plan
  • Gain consensus across the organization

Other Professional Services


Deliver a public cloud experience

App Modernization

Services to support the evolution of your app strategy

Virtual Cloud Network

Create software-defined networks and WANS and secure your apps and data

Intrinsic Security

Transforming the safety of your system across every control point

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