Transforming the safety of your system across every control point 

From endpoint to the datacenter and up to the cloud, VMware Professional Services experts are ready to help you mitigate your risk, ensure compliance, and simplify operations, while making your environment safer. Leverage our experts to help you design and implement a secure environment that will enable your team to make quick, real-time decisions, be proactive to threats, and help the business to continue running smoothly. Our experts will assist you in finding a balance between safety, cost, efficacy, and agility; protecting your data the way you need it protected. We will take you from just having software to owning your security. Our experts focus on five main areas:

  • Advisory
  • Design and Deployment
  • Operations
  • Health Checks
  • Migrations
  • Network Security

Intrinsic Security Services 


  • Review your rules and policies
  • Perform audits on your remediation usage, or threat intelligence, and watchlists
  • Optimize the protection of your system and outline steps to stop modern security threats


  • Identify gaps and create individual training plans
  • Create a security decision tree, align security objectives with the correct permissions and roles, design responder workflows, and simplify the system


  • Deploy integrations
  • Streamline threat protection and prevention process
  • Improve your insights on complex attack sequence and protection
  • Apply comprehensive security focused techniques across your entire system


  • Examine the components and configurations supporting your production environment
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your intrinsic security system
  • Validate your configuration and determine scalability


  • Ensure an accurate, and successful migration
  • Import watch lists and security profiles, migrating automations, assisting in integrations, and providing guidance on redirecting sensors


  • Create security polices and firewall rules, and deploy Next Generation Anti Virus (NGAV) & End point Detection Response (EDR) solutions
  • Implement micro-segmentation to the network
  • Configure security groups and profiles