Networking Services

Connect Containers & Kubernetes

  • Design data center topologies for Kubernetes clusters
  • Automate the implementation of network policies and network object creation
  • Support networking design and deployments for microservices-based applications
  • Integrate NSX with container orchestrators and container-based PaaS

Secure the Modern Network/Implement Zero Trust

  • Deploy security coverage next to every user and workload
  • Enforce Zero Trust with automated protection
  • Operationalize a software-based approach to reduce costs
  • Setup consistent centralized policies for operational consistency

Automate the Network

  • Accelerate application deployment by automating network management
  • Virtualize network and security operations
  • Setup cloud-native applications and DevOps workflows
  • Eliminate disparate policy and tooling to reduce complexity and risk

Enable Cloud Adoption

  • Leverage network virtualization to extend across clouds
  • Simplify and automate your multi-cloud environment
  • Enable consistent policy enforcement across clouds and at the edge
  • Ensure security policies across clouds
  • Setup a consistent platform across data center, cloud, and the edge
  • Migrate large-scale workloads across varied vSphere versions

Optimize and Secure the WAN /Embrace Remote Work

  • Design software-defined networks across the WAN and distributed edge
  • Deploy SASE solutions to put defenses closest to apps and end-users
  • Setup security in the cloud to ensure efficient end-user access
  • Implement proactive remediation and a self-healing network

Enable Application Delivery

  • Ensure that cloud-based apps are secure and responsive
  • Create consistent application delivery no matter where they are deployed
  • Low TCO through faster provisioning
  • Setup load balancing, WAF, and analytics across all environments

Develop An Outcome-Focused Roadmap

  • Align IT with business goals and objectives
  • Understand the gaps between your current and future state
  • Create a phased action plan
  • Gain consensus across the organization

Other Professional Services

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Plan, build, run and manage your multi-cloud environment

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Transforming the safety of your system across every control point

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