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News / March 14, 2018

VMware Award Winners Pioneer Tomorrow’s Use of Big Data

...understand its role in the internet of things (IoT). Dr. Greg Bollella, VMware’s CTO for IoT, investigates infrastructure management for IoT. His goal is to fully understand both the hardware...

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News / February 28, 2018

5G, NFV, IoT and More: News from MWC 2018

...Service Providers Create and Monetize High-Performance, Agile, and Open Telco Distributed Clouds Extending IoT Strategy with New Edge Computing Solutions Also at MWC, VMware unveiled the next chapter of its...

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Network Virtualization & SDN / January 31, 2018

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

...analytics to support identity governance, risk mitigation, and to deliver new levels of resilience to the enterprise. IoT Cybersecurity Starts to Get Real Several unique aspects of IoT present fundamental...

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Cloud / January 24, 2018

Study Shows Cloud Adoption Tests and Transforms Companies

New research, conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom and sponsored by VMware, surveyed 1,350 IT and business leaders worldwide about the drivers of cloud adoption and the challenges...

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Perspectives / December 13, 2017

Open Source Predictions for 2018

...IoT are security and management for a massive amount of endpoints. In order to manage an IoT environment, it is necessary to have a de facto standard to communicate between...

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Perspectives / December 11, 2017

CIO Predictions for IT Transformation in 2018

...Edge, where self-driving cars and IoT edge devices exist. We are living in a moment of accelerated change. The technologies we use, the ways we work and play, and how...

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