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How Taiwan’s Largest Telco Supported the Country’s Rapid Pandemic Response

...of three years ago, McKinsey reported inconsistent adoption of digital technologies in Taiwan. [6] Sectors like service and manufacturing were slow to digitalize, while sectors like government and finance were...

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Global Survey Ties Digital Investments to Growth, Business Resiliency During Pandemic

...provided by the combination of personal devices and secure digital workspaces. Manufacturing Nearly three-quarters of manufacturing IT and business technology decision makers (73%) placed employee efficiency and workflow automation as...

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Future Tech & Innovation

The Evolution from IoT to Edge: A Conversation with Shekar Ayyar

...we cannot live without, we’re going to have everything from retail to manufacturing to financial services to transportation to healthcare—all of which will have rich use cases delivered on top...

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Modern Apps

11 Ways to Boost Business Agility & Adapt—Fast

...manufacturing or finance, there’s a huge part of your business that is tech-enabled,” says Phares Kariuki, CEO of Node Africa. “And for that reason, often the best people to lead...

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Video: 3 Reasons Software Belongs in Your CEO’s DNA

...more successful digital transformation and organization? Consider hiring C-suite leaders with app or software development backgrounds. Whether you’re in healthcare, manufacturing or finance, there’s a huge part of your business...

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What’s the Deal with 5G?

...as the internet was the catalyst for the Web, 5G will be transformative in propelling the next great wave of emerging technology. Much-anticipated tech innovations like smart cities, smart manufacturing,...

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