Accelerating Cloud Services Innovation through Strategic M&A

By Shekar Ayyar, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development and General Manager, Telco NFV Group

Shekar Ayyar, VMware is smiling for a photo.

Shekar Ayyar, EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development & GM, Telco NFV Group

As we continue our journey towards bringing the best software infrastructure solutions spanning private and public clouds, today I’m excited to share with you two technology and talent opportunities that we recently announced: our acquisition of CloudCoreo and our entry into an agreement to acquire CloudVelox. We expect both of these opportunities to help us enhance our portfolio of cloud solutions and services.

At VMware, we’re committed to helping our customers benefit from a hybrid cloud environment. In the last six months, we have brought to market several major elements of our cloud portfolio, from the initial availability of our Cloud Services and VMware Cloud on AWS to the introduction of new Cloud Services like Hybrid Cloud Extension and the steady expansion of our partner community.

In building and delivering these cloud offerings, we have led with our internal innovation efforts, augmenting with acquired technologies and talent where needed. This strategy helps us enhance our product and service portfolio rapidly and keeps us at the forefront of industry leadership.

Now let me tell you a little more about the latest acquisition-related announcements.

We announced the acquisition of CloudCoreo last week (read post). CloudCoreo’s technology proactively identifies public cloud risks at the time of deployment and prevents compliance violations before they occur. The technology also enables scanning and monitoring of a customer’s cloud infrastructure and enables applications and data to remain safe.

As a part of VMware, CloudCoreo will help us extend our support of consistent operations across any cloud. We will be able to help customers access the best cloud for the needs of each individual application, while optimizing security and compliance. And we will give customers the choice to develop any type of application their business needs and deploy to any cloud, without increasing complexity or risk to the business.

Quickly following on the heels of last week’s news, today we announced our intent to acquire technology and the team from CloudVelox, a Bay area startup (read post). CloudVelox is a pioneer in delivering software to enable workload mobility between the data center and public clouds. Upon closing, we expect the acquisition to help us accelerate our roadmap to deliver cloud migration, mobility and delivery services in a hybrid, multi-cloud world.

In September 2017, we introduced VMware’s Hybrid Cloud eXtension (HCX) Services to enable large scale application migration and ongoing portability with zero downtime or refactoring. Upon closing, we plan to integrate the CloudVelox technology with HCX to help us make this solution set more robust.

Bringing It Together
With our Cloud Services portfolio, we are providing an essential software foundation to deliver a common operating environment spanning on-premises data centers and leading public/managed clouds. The acquisitions of CloudCoreo, which closed on February 14, and CloudVelox, which is expected to close by the end of February, reflect our commitment to delivering compelling and unique cloud services to more easily secure customers’ applications as well as migrate their workloads from the data center to the public cloud and back.

We’re excited to welcome the CloudCoreo team and, upon closing, the CloudVelox team to VMware and include their innovative technologies in our offerings to enhance our solutions for customers.

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