ACI Specialty Benefits Supports its Growth With VMware Technologies

ACI Specialty Benefits (ACI) offers best-in-class benefit solutions to engage the new workforce and drive business performance. By offering services like employee assistance, corporate concierge, work-life balance, wellness and student assistance programs to customers worldwide, ACI helps customers achieve Healthiest Workplace awards and Best Place to Work rankings, and improves company morale, productivity, and bottom line.

ACI covers more than 12 million lives nationwide and has seen tremendous growth year over year. From a digital perspective, ACI  grew approximately 300 percent in 2017. To ensure growth was coupled with technological advancements, ACI Specialty Benefits turned to VMware for help.

Protecting Growing Data
Given ACI’s tremendous growth, it needed to modernize its data centers to ensure continued delivery of superior service, including data collection from thousands of wireless-enabled medical devices and activity trackers its clients provide their employees. This data was growing at an unprecedented rate, and needed to be maintained effectively.

ACI  maintains strict data security compliance in multiple geographies. Because the company deals with sensitive employee information, security and regulatory compliance are integral. HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and data privacy rules around personally identifiable information vary from country to country.

Upgrading to See Results
To achieve all this, ACI used VMware technologies, including VMware vSphere, to increase performance, consolidate hardware, and onboard new customers and acquisitions more efficiently. Increased global expansion also demanded an upgrade to ACI’s virtual environment. The latest vSphere capabilities provided the update coverage ACI needed, including new features to enhance visibility and security.

ACI also turned to VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Automation™ to enhance its security and automate network and service provisioning. The objective was to take its multitenant private cloud to the next level of security using microsegmentation, and to automate critical functions, such as disaster recovery and self-service provisioning. This, in addition to the full encryption used to secure consumer medical information, enabled ACI to keep sensitive data safe.

These changes not only improved ACI’s customer services, but also provided cost saving benefits. Using VMware vSAN™ 6.5 to provide all-flash storage to its software-defined data center resulted in a 35 percent boost in performance while reducing costs. And the easy integration with vSphere supported cost-effective scalability and native integration that benefited the entire business.

Seeing Business Benefits
The business benefits are notable. New acquisitions can now be onboarded into a secure virtual environment within days;especially important as ACI acquires several companies a month. And by reducing capital expenditures by 60 percent and improving performance by 35 percent, ACI saves money while providing customers increased employee engagement, savings in healthcare and turnover costs, and improved productivity from a high-performing workforce.

ACI now differentiates itself with superior performance and availability, a strong compliance position, lower costs, and faster service delivery. VMware technologies have helped increase the number of projects the company can onboard weekly, while allowing developers to move faster and be more creative.

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