AeroData Revolutionizes Its Data Center With VMware NSX

A lot of work goes into making sure flights run smoothly, something AeroData, Inc. knows quite well. AeroData is a company providing aircraft performance data, weight and balance data, and load planning services to the airline industry—supporting approximately 21,000 flights a day.

The information that AeroData provides to airlines is crucial. The company ensures customer data is secure and flight data is available when needed, even when airlines experience connectivity issues. The flight deck client-server application AeroData provides is the last thing pilots check before takeoff, so even a five-minute shutdown can result in more than 100 delayed flights and loss of revenue. Therefore, when AeroData realized it needed a more responsive alternative to its existing hardware-defined data center, it turned to VMware for help.

Limited by Hardware

AeroData has seen rapid growth, but that growth has made it more challenging for the company to meet customer demands and adhere to federal requirements. Operating within a rigid hardware-defined data center meant AeroData was consistently introducing new hardware, which resulted in the company having to identify or hire specific skillsets and assign management overhead. New hardware implementations created single points of failure, compromising availability. This led to competing business demands, a problem typically seen with hardware-defined data centers.

Business Benefits

To help combat these issues, AeroData selected VMware NSX® as its core network virtualization platform, and VMware vSAN™ for storage. NSX and vSAN solutions have provided AeroData a modern software-defined data center (SDDC) solution for better customer access, and have improved availability to 99.9 percent. Simultaneously, VMware’s solutions helped to reduce AeroData’s costs and minimize the organization’s management overhead.

These solutions have contributed to additional business benefits, including security improvement. It is now easier for AeroData to meet customer and federal security requirements without additional hardware. Thanks to NSX and micro-segmentation, east-west firewalling is now also possible, as well as improving application security while maintaining customer agility and flexibility.

Additionally, VMware technologies allow AeroData to distribute workloads—increasing availability to build applications across data centers and improving customer service—and manage network applications through a single management pane.

AeroData was able to achieve these advancements while also cutting costs. As President and CEO Terry McDonough says, “With VMware NSX, vSAN, and Log Insight, AeroData implemented a cost-effective infrastructure to provide better security for our customers.”

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