How We Built an Agile IT Culture: ADP CIO Vipul Nagrath

Every company, in one shape or another, really is powered by technology.

Vipul Nagrath, Global CIO, ADP

ADP spent 18 months going through a massive IT transformation. What was once a sprawled collection of regional and functional teams is now a unified global team. Vipul Nagrath, Global CIO for ADP, shares how his team eliminated the silos and built an agile IT culture.

“Now we’re stepping back and saying the ‘what’ is what we want to achieve. (The scrum teams) figure out the ‘how,’” Nagrath says in this new video. “Those teams are specifically empowered to get it done.”

“We’re in a very unique position … as technologists at ADP,” CIO Vipul Nagrath says. “We’re applying our craft to human capital management, to payroll, to really making the world a better place.”

What is an agile IT culture? The philosophy is built on elements from agile development. First introduced in 2001 with the Agile Manifesto for Software Development, the agile development movement focuses on a faster, more effective approach to building software in phases or “sprints.” From IT organizations, the term “agile” means moving from a silo-centric approach to cross-functional collaboration. Traditional IT organizes by departments founded on a group’s specialty expertise, such as security or networking. Agile IT, however, centers on the “scrum team” of cross-functional experts. ADP, for example, has over 200 global scrum teams of diverse IT experts, such as:

  • Software development
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Cloud
  • UX/UI

The agile IT culture flexes and bends, creating new scrum teams of cross-functional experts depending on project needs. IT goes from long, sometimes arduous projects to short sprints with targeted upgrades and enhancements released faster. Ultimately, agile IT culture helps foster innovation from the inside-out for faster delivery and better customer satisfaction.

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