How Business Mobility Transformed Six Businesses

VMware has talked a lot about the power of mobile transformation across every industry. Now, VMware AirWatch customers are taking over the conversation. Here are six stories of business mobility management (also referred to as enterprise mobility management, or EMM) that demonstrate the transformative use cases for mobile devices and apps.

California School District Pioneers New Tech-based Learning

Providing the best quality education to today’s generation means fully embracing the newest technologies, according to Coachella Valley Unified School District. The nationally praised district ensures every student has 24/7 connectivity, and access to information and technology from anywhere, with initiatives like its “WiFi-on-Wheels” program, tablets for the entire student body, cloud-based storage, and even virtual reality–based learning.

Learn more about what the Coachella Valley Unified School District has in store for 2016 in this Q&A with Superintendent Dr. Darryl S. Adams.

Parking Citation Technology Provider Accelerates App Innovation

Parking citation management system provider Municipal Citation Solutions wanted to provide customers with a faster and easier way to write parking tickets in the field, so they developed an app for Windows smartphones. However, to ensure their app could keep up with customer demand, they needed an EMM solution to create a lighter touch end-user experience from behind the scenes. Improving client productivity and satisfaction was just the start of their rapid mobile transformation.

Vice President of Operations Isaiah Mouw and Senior .Net Developer John Redmon talk about how Municipal Citation Solutions has grown using EMM.

Major Healthcare Provider Uncovers False Sense of Mobile Security

Mobile security is much more complex than securing traditional desktops, and unfortunately, sometimes businesses realize that after an attack has occurred. That’s the lesson learned after an App Store security breach left more than a thousand apps vulnerable on users’ mobile devices, including those used across hospitals, clinics, and rescue flights at the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West, Intermountain Healthcare. According to Gordon Smith, client hardware engineering and mobile supervisor, the incident was a wake-up call that the company had fostered a false sense of mobile security for years.

Read how Intermountain Healthcare took a three-prong approach to safeguarding end users’ mobile devices.

Premier Banking Company Anticipates Its Customers’ Mobile Consumer Journey

Mobile apps are increasingly transitioning from “nice-to-have” to “must-have” for maintaining a competitive advantage in the financial industry, according to Willem Bagchus, messaging and collaboration specialist at United Bank (VA). Consumers are not only banking online more than ever, but also doing so on their mobile devices. Very soon, even wearables and connected devices could feed data to insurance companies, further transforming the financial services industry.

Read predictions from United Bank’s Willem Bagchus on the IoT and mobile banking trends to watch in 2016.

Leading Provider Solves Major Healthcare Challenge with Mobility

Businesses in the healthcare industry are facing a major dilemma: how to see more patients without sacrificing the quality of care provided. The digitization of patient records has sped processes and clinicians’ access to information, but now, physicians and nurses want that same accessibility without sacrificing face time. VITAS Healthcare, a leading provider of end-of-life care, overcame that challenge by giving employees mobile devices to reduce time spent behind PC screens.

Read VITAS Healthcare CIO Patrick Hale’s mobility advice for every business in the healthcare industry.

Legal Firm Innovates Courtroom Presentations on Tablets

Dowling Aaron understands the importance of a good presentation in courtrooms, and the legal firm cements its stellar reputation by incorporating new technology. According to CIO Darin Adcock, Dowling Aaron leverages mobile devices and apps not only to represent clients in the courtroom, but also to stay connected to clients from anywhere.

Read how Dowling Aaron delivers its guarantee of personalized client service through business mobility.

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