Keeping Travelers on the Move With NSX

Amadeus provides the technology that keeps the travel sector moving—from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing reservations to managing check-in and departure processes. And in the highly competitive travel industry, that presents challenges.

Wolfgang Krips, EVP global operations and general manager, Amadeus Data Processing, explains that he has pressure on him to ensure high availability and agility, and to keep costs under control. “And on top of that,” he says, “you have to build your innovation, which means new business services. But that foundation has to continue to evolve.”

Dietmar Fauser, VP architecture, quality, and governance, adds, “More dynamism, more automation in the control of the stack, is important. That’s why we use this technology, and why we use industry-grade partners like Red Hat, like VMware.”

Why VMware NSX Was the Answer

Amadeus adopted Kubernetes and OpenStack two years ago, something which Fauser says is not mainstream yet, although he believes it will be. But, he says, VMware has strong knowledge and virtualization know-how. “[NSX is] positioning us very well for this market,” he says.

“Whether I’m deploying containers, whether I’m deploying VMs, whether I’m doing bare metal, whether I’m using OpenStack, it’s all a means to an end,” explains Krips. “Ultimately, what the customer is expecting is ability, agility, and continuously driving down costs. And that’s what we have to provide.”

It doesn’t matter whether the technology is six months old, or six years old, he adds.

“Automation that gives me the flexibility to deploy either on a public cloud or on my private cloud—this is what I need to have,” he says. “And then we choose the means best suited for the application.”

Watch the video below to learn more about how network virtualization solutions provided by VMware® NSX™ have positively impacted Amadeus.