American Tire Distributors: Keeping North America Rolling

Originally founded as the J.H. Heafner Company in 1935, American Tire Distributors (ATD) is the largest tire distributor in North America. It stores and distributes tires from a wide variety of brands, from Bridgestone to Goodyear, as well as custom wheels for vehicles such as lawn mowers and golf carts. “Our customers are large retailers, like Pep Boys and Walmart,” says ATD’s enterprise infrastructure manager, Chris Green, “as well as mom-and-pop distributors in Canada and North America.”  Regardless of their size, though, customers are demanding new services from the company, almost all centered around e-commerce. “They want more features; they want more data,” says Green.

Rolling With VMware

A key driver of these demands is a shift in the basic business model for replacement tires. In recent years, many of ATD’s customers have reduced the amount of inventory they hold because of the sheer array of replacement tires and wheels. As a result, they are relying on ATD more than ever before. The challenge for the company is to anticipate supply and demand.

As the midpoint of the supply chain, it is ATD’s job to keep those tires rolling through the supply chain to the customers who need them. “We’re positioning ourselves to meet these demands,” says Green, “by automation and working with VMware.”

VMware NSX and the capabilities of the company’s software-defined data center (SDDC) are helping ATD meet its customers’ demands by allowing the company to be more agile, deliver its products and services faster and more securely, and automate its provisioning and network services. All of these capabilities, Green says, combine to help ATD streamline delivery times and use its information systems more effectively, while further benefiting the company by saving it both time and money.

Driving Change and Success

“It’s incumbent on any IT organization today,” says Green, “to secure their environment. That’s one of the key reasons we picked NSX,” he continues, “because it allows us to automatically build in that security and protect that east-west traffic” inside the company’s two data centers.

But there’s more to NSX than just its security benefits. Among its many other advantages, Green says, is its integration with VMware’s vRealize Automation suite of products. The automation, Green explains, will help ATD effectively manage its storage, compute, and networking needs.

“We’re excited,” Green concludes, “that we are leading in changing the organization, helping them be successful.” And with VMware’s help, ATD is keeping North America’s people, goods, and services all rolling to their next destination.

Watch the video to learn more about how VMware NSX and automation benefit America Tire Distributors.