Armor Lives Up to Its Name With Top-Notch Security

When you’re in the business of security, you can’t afford to take chances. That’s why Armor, a leading data protection company, turned to VMware for a cloud networking and security solution.

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, with more than 1,400 customers in 43 countries worldwide, Armor is dedicated to protecting its customers and making sure it offers the best security solutions available. It offers the world’s most secure, cloud-based security system as a service, so that, in the words of Armor Founder and CEO Chris Drake, “Customers can really focus on their business and not have to defend themselves.”

Over the past several years, Armor has seen a dramatic rise in the type and frequency of new cyber threats. “We see new hacks, new forms and flavors that are unbelievable,” Drake says. From extortion to terrorist-like tactics, the threat landscape continues to evolve and expand, challenging companies to respond as quickly as possible in an environment where, as Drake says, “There are simply no shortcuts to security.”

Every single server is a snowflake.

Chris Drake, Founder and CEO of Armor

One of the largest challenges is due to the multi-tenant nature of clouds. With dozens and even hundreds of customers running on the same physical infrastructure, the key is to be able to micro-segment every workload from each other, and every customer from each other. To answer this challenge and to help protect its customers even more securely, Armor turned to VMware NSX network virtualization. According to Drake, the reason was simple: “VMware understands the multitenancy of security products and complex networks.”

The programmability of the VMware NSX platform solves these challenges by allowing Armor to quickly scale, automate, and customize security solutions on a per-customer basis. “Every single server is a snowflake,” Drake says. “There’s nothing the same about them.” With NSX fully integrated, Armor has the ability to respond faster to new cyber threats by customizing complex networks, with all their individual ‘snowflakes,’ on the fly.

Prior to VMware NSX integration, creating highly complex, cloud-based networks with high security requirements was difficult to do, and even more difficult to protect. But now, thanks to the NSX platform, Drake concludes, “We are able to better secure our customers and defend them against new threats.”

Watch the video to learn more about how NSX enables Armor to deliver its customers peace of mind when it comes to security.