Balancing Freedom and Control: Evolution of the Cloud

It may come as a surprise to learn that there has never been a comprehensive study of the history and growth of cloud in the enterprise, despite its sheer ubiquity. That is, until now.

After conducting extensive research to map the evolution of cloud from 2006 to 2030, VMware has released a white paper— the first to explore and analyze the growth of cloud since the inception of enterprise cloud services in 2006. The study explores questions about the speed of cloud growth, spotlights how this growth is challenging the enterprise today, and predicts how it will reshape the role of IT.

Two Decades of Growth

The research reveals that since its inception in 2006, cloud computing (both private and public) has enjoyed consistent growth, doubling every five years. As of 2016, nearly 25 percent of all IT workloads are already being managed in the cloud. And by 2021, that percentage will double again to 50 percent, profoundly reshaping the traditional on-premise IT environment.

Among those changes is the way cloud will be managed and delivered. The research shows a continuing trend toward both private and public clouds being delivered as a managed service by cloud service providers. The concept of hybrid cloud will also continue to evolve to a new model that defines a state of dynamically managing across clouds.

Challenges to the Enterprise

One of the more striking findings of the report is that the growth of cloud services is also contributing to a rapid decentralization of IT technology in the enterprise. This decline in centralized planning is leading to a complex, patchwork IT environment that is increasingly challenging for IT teams to manage, secure, and administer.

Balancing Freedom and Control

To address these challenges, organizations are seeking to address two opposing requirements: freedom and control. They want freedom to innovate on a wide range of flexible cloud-based platforms, and control over governance, security, and cost that is essential to the health of the enterprise.

The report concludes that organizations will need new solutions for successfully developing, delivering, and securing applications in this decentralized, multi-cloud environment. These solutions will need to enable and facilitate common, comprehensive, cost-effective policies for security, governance, compliance, and the evolution of a new digital workspace. Enterprises that pursue these solutions will position themselves for growth and success in the next decade-and beyond.

Read and download the white paper, “Balancing Freedom and Control: Evolution of the Cloud – 2006-2013,” for the full picture of the evolution of cloud and what the future of cloud holds for the enterprise.