Barden Produce Stays Fresh With the Right Cloud Partner

For more than 20 years, Australian wholesaler Barden Produce has been at the forefront of growing, packaging, and distributing fresh vegetables and herbs to supermarkets and independent grocers, both Down Under and across the globe.

As the company grew, it began to realize that a deeper investment in new product development and technology was necessary to ensure its customers continued to receive a seamless experience with every purchase.

Barden’s Quandary

Operating in a highly competitive industry, Barden Produce needed to deliver high quality produce to its customers in strict timeframes. The nature of the business is that there is no room for error.

To meet three key requirements of its business and its customers—setting up alternative growing locations, being agile in supporting growth, and being efficient in the assets and capital used to fund the business—Barden needed a flexible operational model that could deliver these outcomes by this month.

Enter vCloud Air

Barden reviewed its current operating processes to analyze where efficiencies, innovation, and agility could be improved. The company came to the conclusion that it needed a reliable, proven cloud delivery model.

Barden’s criteria for selecting a cloud provider were simple but crucial. Its cloud needed to be easy to consume and well supported. What’s more, it needed to be a robust platform that was easy to migrate to, yet could deliver a seamless, highly available solution to which Barden could add value.

Most important of all, however, Barden knew it needed to find the right partner—one that understood Barden’s business and priorities, could provide appropriate support, and was knowledgeable about getting things done and doing them right.

After a thorough competitive search, Barden went with VMware vCloud® Air™.

With a decentralized business model, Barden Produce needed to move quickly and build upon high-growth sections of the business, like setting up alternative growing locations. VMware vCloud Air dramatically increased efficiencies across the business, providing a secure cloud delivery model with a seamless technological experience for employees and enabling the company to improve the bottom line.

Instant Results

Since deploying vCloud Air, Barden has seen increased scalability, agility and performance, all delivered within a secure infrastructure. Additionally, vCloud Air has provided a simplified IT model, driving increased efficiencies and cost savings across the entire business. And in VMware, Barden has a cloud partner with a support system that’s able to understand its needs and to act on them to deliver these benefits.

In fact, following a successful pilot program with vCloud Air, Barden Produce has ultimately migrated 100 percent of its current workloads to the platform—and it did so well in time to meet its June deadline. Barden is still delivering fresh produce, but it’s now doing it with a fresh IT infrastructure, powered by the cloud.