Best Practices for Leading Digital Transformation

Today’s businesses increasingly rely on IT to deliver innovative solutions to solve complex business problems. Companies today depend on technology to innovate more rapidly and get to market faster. It’s a hot topic with leaders who feel pressure from customers, competitors, and their Board for leading digital transformation.

Leading Digital Transformation: People, Process, Technology

Those responsible for digital transformation should focus on people, process, and technology.

Bask Iyer

While most businesses have accepted the imperative of digital transformation, few know where to start.

“Those responsible for digital transformation should focus on people, process, and technology,” says Bask Iyer, CIO of VMware and Dell Technologies. “Starting with people is key. Find the talent who can co-exist with your existing workforce while growing and bringing new ideas to the table. Find ways to tap innovative minds already on your team; diverse minds accelerate innovation. Finally, don’t forget operational basics. That is table stakes. If email goes down, the CIO loses credibility and innovation is a moot point.”

The enormous advantages realized through digital transformation mean today’s companies must innovate or risk being left behind. A CEO can’t meet modern business objectives without IT leading the charge. This transition marks a significant change in how businesses operate.

Watch this video for more tips from Bask Iyer on how to successfully navigate digital transformation.

“The only way to stay ahead is by continually learning and innovating,” says Iyer. “It’s imperative that IT practitioners begin to look at themselves as the IT leaders and CIOs of the future. Our goal is to prime emerging leaders and inspire innovation. Technology evolves at light speed and so, too, should our management.”