Bulgaria’s City Clinic Taps Technology to Save Lives

City Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria is a state-of-the-art 84-bed facility established in 2010 to serve patients with cardiovascular problems in Bulgaria and neighboring regions. The clinic uses solutions developed by VMware both to provide infrastructure services, and to give staff the connectivity they need, wherever they are.

“In contemporary medicine, technologies are very important for providing high-quality medical services,” said Ilian Grigorov, managing director. “VMware’s solutions help us provide a better medical service to our patients.”

The clinic also needed infrastructure that could quickly adapt as the hospital grows. It uses an off-premises cloud-based infrastructure using vSphere for virtualization, plus VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure.

“This combination allowed us to accomplish our initial assignment,” said Ivaylo Petrov, CEO, Aoshia, the system integrator for the project. “Agility through an off-premise cloud based virtual infrastructure of the entire hospital.”

“Whether the doctor is in the hospital, or in some other location, he has access to current medical information, at any time, and at any stage of the patient’s treatment,” Grigorov noted. “VMware View allows us to have constant and mobile access to medical information, regardless of our current location, and from any device.”

“This unique solution gives you the feeling that your workplace is wherever you can connect to the virtual infrastructure,” Petrov added. “This is a perfect solution which is extremely stable and is able to adapt really fast.”

That speed and connectivity can help save lives.

“In these first 60 minutes that are crucial in the field of cardiology,” said Grigorov. “Technology is what helps us save more lives, because within these 30 or 60 minutes, we can adequately react, and we can base treatment and diagnostics on accurate facts and information about the patient.