Moving Toward the Tipping Point: Business Mobility in 2016

Business mobility (also referred to as enterprise mobility) is a trend that is fundamentally redefining the nature of the workplace, its technology, and even how, when, and where people work. For Noah Wasmer, VMware senior vice president of mobile engineering and product management, End User Computing, this is the exciting future that is rapidly emerging today. A future characterized, he says, by “a new ecosystem of partners, customer ideas, and new app ecosystems that are allowing us to deliver services that we never thought possible.”

Looking back on 2015, Wasmer says it was “a phenomenal year.” A year highlighted by major VMware product releases and initiatives dedicated to helping customers embrace what he calls, “this new idea of business mobility.”

“We’re helping users not only get access to their apps and services,” Wasmer says, “but also reimagine their workflows in new, delightful, and efficient ways.” And of the year ahead he says, “We’re going to continue to accelerate into 2016 with a host of new opportunities for us to help enterprises embrace mobility as a core platform for innovation.”

Watch the video to hear more from Noah Wasmer about how 2015 was a year to remember in enterprise mobility.

Looking into 2016, Wasmer cannot hide his excitement. “We’re continuing to scratch the surface of what’s possible,” he says about enterprise mobility. But he predicts that will change this year: “2016 is going to be a tipping point for helping enterprises embrace mobility.”

Wasmer points to a series of fundamental trends, beginning with a redefinition of mobility itself, that are accelerating this transformation. “It’s not just a tablet and a phone anymore,” he says, “but every device that an employee uses to access corporate resources.” He predicts these devices will make a dramatic impact on the way we operate in the business world.

Wasmer envisions the potential to “leverage all the enterprise assets and data that are available on-premise, or in the public cloud, and bring them together securely and simply, delivering users the right information, at the right time, for better insights, better decision-making, and actually, a thoughtful, enjoyable experience.”

“That’s the promise of mobility,” he confidently predicts, “that we believe will be delivered in 2016.”

Watch the video to hear more of Noah Wasmer’s predictions for enterprise mobility in 2016.