Business Mobility and the Future of End-User Computing

As we gear up for VMware’s Business Mobility Online Event next week, check out this new video featuring an interview with VMware EVP and General Manager of End-User Computing Sanjay Poonen.

Maribel Lopez, Conference Chair of Lopez Research LLC, guides the discussion with Poonen in front of an audience of CIOs and IT leaders at the recent 2015 M6 Mobility xChange. The pair discuss the importance of an enterprise mobility strategy and how current and future business mobility technology and trends will impact business and investment decisions.

The goal of the conference is to bring to light for senior managers and business executives strategic level insights into how these investments will improve workforce productivity, operational efficiency, customer experience and service. This session did just that.

During the session, Lopez interviews Poonen about the future of end-user computing and business mobility. They discuss the business mobility transformation that is underway and the demands—from users, IT, and lines of business—that are shaping how it continues to unfold.

Poonen touches on security and other challenges organizations must overcome to take full advantage of the transformation’s opportunities to drive business-process innovation and competitive advantage. He highlights that mobility is a platform for transforming customer engagement, redefining mission-critical apps, and empowering employees in new ways: business-process innovation. He underscores the fact that to achieve true business mobility, companies need to deliver the digital workspace, enable any application (SaaS, mobile, Windows), and build a mobile-cloud architecture. Lastly, Poonen discusses how specific technologies like VMware Workspace Suite can help companies to enable their business mobility strategies.

Watch the full video for more details.