Businesses Rush to Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-based architecture that runs on standard x86 hardware and tightly integrates compute, storage, networking, and virtualization resources. It is the fastest growing segment in the storage market, one of the fastest-growing areas of enterprise infrastructure, and is growing at a faster rate than public cloud adoption.

“Companies want to enable their digital transformation, and they need a modern solution that delivers on their business needs,” says Yanbing Li, senior vice president and general manager for the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware. “HCI not only meets those needs but also has a lower total cost of ownership than traditional storage. So, when you can do something better at a lower cost, why not do it?”

Accelerating Market

“What is the state of business for vSAN?” asks Li, referring to VMware’s award-winning HCI product. “It’s absolutely on fire. At a time of declining enterprise storage revenues, we have seen five consecutive quarters of between 150 and 200 percent year-over-year growth. That’s tremendous.”

VMware vSAN was first released in March 2014, and in the past three years VMware has delivered six major releases, including the latest and biggest, vSAN 6.6.

“The pace of innovation is being driven by our world-class engineering team,” said Li. “They’re on a mission to deliver the best hyper-converged solution for our customers.”

Industry Firsts

VMware today announced the availability of vSAN 6.6, highlighted by several industry firsts—the first native HCI security solution, the first HCI solution to enable Intel’s 3D XPoint technology, and the first to truly enable a multi-cloud architecture.

“We’re very excited about the native encryption capabilities debuting in vSAN 6.6,” says Li. “It’s a fully-integrated security solution that is entirely software-based, hardware agnostic, and no longer requires self-encrypting drives. It not only saves costs, but also allows ease of operations because everything is built-in, administered through VMware’s policy management engine, and delivered as a fully integrated solution.”

Watch the video to hear from Yanbing Li what’s new in HCI and what customers can expect from vSAN 6.6.

Tech Advances Power HCI

Today’s powerful hardware sports higher density CPUs, faster networking, and improved flash devices to better deliver compute and storage in a unified environment. With vSAN’s agile, hardware-agnostic design, companies can immediately benefit from these cutting-edge technologies, helping fuel amazing advances in performance, security, and availability.

“Combine advanced hardware and software with proof points from thousands of satisfied customers, and there has never been a better time to look at HCI,” says Li.

Learn more about today’s release of vSAN 6.6.